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Angela Bouvier
Vital statistics
Character name Angela Bouvier
Birthplace Chevalier, reborn in The EDEN Facility
Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate Febuary 29, XX887
Age 20 (beginning), 30 (end)
Height & Weight 6'0", 70 kg
Race/Species French

Human body, Viciss

Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Weapon Whip
Main Type Bucca
Occupation None

Children of EDEN , ADAM Core , The White Circus

, The Silverciel Family

Clan None
Rank No Rank
Position Supporting Neutral Antagonist
Personal Status
Relatives No Known Family 




Angela is an INFJ. She is characterized as feisty and hot-headed. Many people in the past teased her for being "manly" and for lacking feminine qualities. As she gets older, she tries to hide her hot personality and mask it with a more feminine one, but is sometimes unable to retain it. This is why she gets along very well with Eve and Grace.

She has a very short temper and explodes whenever someone pisses her off. Many people consider her unfriendly, and because of this, people always avoid talking to her. Despite her hard-headed exterior, this does cause her to feel lonely. She is easily jealous, and gets angry when she sees Gabriel flirting with other women. She has a tendency to label any woman who comes too close to Gabriel as an enemy and will show her distain. 

Her hot-headed personality causes her to be rash and childish, but she is one of the most intelligent characters in the series.

Strength and Abilities[]


Gabriel Silverciel[]

Although many believe Angela's love for Gabriel is shallow, she truly does love him unconditionally, even willing to sacrifice her life for him. She had always admired him when in the Eden Facility, but was never able to express it. However, after finding him again during the time when the White Circus was being formed, she took that as an opportunity to stay by his side. Gabriel, on the other hand, does not hold the same values for Angela. He certainly sees her as an important asset to his organization, but sees her as nothing more. Despite Gabriel's despondent nature towards her and the many instances when he ignores her entirely, the two still get along quite well, particularly in combat. According to Eve however, she believes that Gabriel is cold towards Angela because he cares for her, but chooses to separate himself from her feelings, where he is seemingly kind to women who have no importance to him. Gabriel learns to respect Angela after seeing her strong dedication to him. However, he also sees that her feelings for him have faltered after her reunion with Claire, whom he knows is the one that Angela has always loved. Because of this, he often encourages her to be true to her feelings.

The White Circus[]

Angela generally gets along with the other members of the White Circus. She shows loyalty to Eric Waters simply because Gabriel expects her to. She is professional with the other members except for Rei Fallwind and Drew; two of the people who enjoy getting on her nerves.

Uriel Blackshear[]

Like many of the other White Circus members, Angela is terrified of Uriel. Even though she openly opposes him, going up to his face and telling him off, she still shakes in his presence when his reactions do not go as she expects.

Eve Steinway[]

From the beginning since their first encounter at the EDEN Facility, Angela was unable to stand Eve because of Eve's relations with Gabriel. She saw Eve as the little girl who got in the way of her possible relationship, and therefore antagonized her throughout the series. Eve, on the other hand, admired Angela when she was a child, because she saw Angela as the grown woman. However, as time progressed, and when Angela was placed in situations where she was forced to work with Eve, Angela began to warm up to her, seeing how they were similar in both personality and preferences. In addition to their similarities, their age difference was also a factor in the improvement of their relationship. Because Angela often saw Eve as a child, there were many instances when she unintentionally could not help but to act in a sisterly manner towards her, even protect her. Later after maturing over the years, Angela admits to Eric Waters and Claire Silverciel that if Gabriel were to fall in love with someone, she would prefer for that person to be Eve.

Raphael Witherspoon[]

Angela had been arch enemies with Raphael since the EDEN facility. He had openly bullied and harassed her for her crush on Gabriel. Because of his bullying, however, she gain much confidence in herself, and is able to retort against Raphael's antics now that they are older. Despite the tension between the two, they know how to act professionally when serious times come.

Grace Blackshear[]

Surprisingly, of all the women in the series, Angela is able to tolerate Grace the best. Although there are instances in which Angela gets annoyed by Grace's ignorance, the two are able to stand in each others' presence without any issues. There are even times in which Grace openly admires and praises Angela for her bold and intelligent personality (who gets a swollen head in the process).

Alyssa Hart[]

The two were first introduced after Alyssa had befriended Gabriel during the Children of Eden's weekend outing to Beckinghamshire. Because of the sudden and close relationship Alyssa had with Gabriel, Angela hated Alyssa even more than her dislike for Eve (in addition, the similarity between their names added to the fire). Angela saw her as a "seductress in the form of a Mary-Sue who charms all the men around her". Because of Alyssa's feminine personality, apparently innocent exterior, and her obvious pursuit of Gabriel's affection, Angela found every reason to hate her, stating that Alyssa was the last person she ever wanted to see with Gabriel. Angela often saw through Alyssa's acts when attempting to gain Gabriel's attention, such as the times in which Alyssa feinted injury in order to have Gabriel around. She often clashed heads with Gabriel because of her hatred for Alyssa, and the only reason why she is able to tolerate the girl is because of Gabriel, who sincerely considered Alyssa as someone of importance (due to the debt he owed her).

Claire Silverciel[]

Claire was actually Angela's first love as a child. Angela met Claire at the EDEN Facility, when she saw him watching Gabriel from the observatory. She at first accused him of being a weird stalker, but later found out that he was Gabriel's biological brother. Each time Claire visited the EDEN Facility in order to secretly watch his little brother, Angela would converse with him on her free time. Through Claire, she learned many things. Many believed that Angela fell in love with Gabriel because of his physical similarity to Claire, but in truth, Angela fell in love with Gabriel after seeing the suffering he was going through, and gave up her love for Claire not only because she thought a relationship with him was impossible, but also because of her desire to help Gabriel's suffering. Upon their meeting again after many years, it is clear that she still holds strong feelings for Claire, but does not let those feelings overcome her allegiance to Gabriel, where as Claire, who originally saw her a child, slowly began to see her as a woman over time.



  • She is the character that represents unconditional love.
  • She is the first of the Children of Eden to know that Gabriel is the Crown Prince because of her friendship with Claire.
  • As children, she once asked Eve why she let her hair grow out so long. Eve stated that she heard Gabriel liked girls with long hair, which is why she let it grow out. Angela called that idea stupid, but is later shown to let her hair grow long. It turns out Gabriel doesn't actually have a preference.