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Annabel Castillo
Vital statistics
Character name Annabel di Castillo
Birthplace Monticello, reborn in The EDEN Facility
Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate January 15, XX898
Age 17 (beginning), 24 (end)
Height & Weight 5'6", 54 kg
Race/Species Italian

Human body, Viciss

Gender Female
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Eye Color Pink
Weapon Stiletto
Main Type Bucca
Occupation Lady of the Castillo Family

Children of EDEN , ADAM Core

The Steinway Family, The McAlastar Crime Family

Clan None
Rank Lady Castillo
Position Main Support Character
Personal Status
Relatives The Castillo Family

Micol Castillo (adopted Brother/secret love)


Annabel came from the Castillo family, being the daughter of the family's boss (making her the young boss). However, do to a freak accident, she was shot and killed at the age of three. The boss used his black market network to get in touch with the Men of Eden, where he heard they were capable of bringing children back to life. As they entered her into the EVE project, they began her incubation. However, her father demanded to see her immediately, making threats against the organization. Because of this, the scientists were forced to have her removed earlier than all the rest of the children of Eden. She came out of the chambers still in the vulnerable stage,vhere she had wing-like appendages coming from her back. Regardless of her appearance, her family welcomed her back with opened arms.

In the facility, she became best friends with Raphael and Micol.


She has brown, curly hair and is average in height. She is known for her love for food, and therefore is a bit chubby compared to other girls. As she is in the vulnerable stage, she has glowing pink eyes and glowing fairy-like wings.


She is sassy in personality, and always gets into little quarrels with Micol. She is very protective of her friends, and will open her mouth if someone insults them. She is a very diligent person, and will get things done immediately. She dreamed of becoming an actress, and loves watching plays and theater acts. She has an explosive temper and will express it through harsh words. She has a soft spot for cute things, and therefore takes a liking for Eve.

Strength and Abilities[]

She is not interested in fighting or strength, and prefers to talk about boys, clothing, and make up. Because of this, she does not focus on training, and instead prefers to just do studying. However, this does not mean she is helpless. She is just as capable as any other Viciss in terms of strength. She, like Raphael prefer to use magic, white magic specifically. Even though she doesn't care for fighting, she enjoys using a stiletto because she sees it as a gracefully and artistic instrument.