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Beckinghamshire was founded by the Silverciels as a way to please their English citizens who seek a place of trade and commerce. It has become the home of the Guilds, industrialization, and festivities. Beckinghamshire was once a place of equal trade, but with the corruption of big business and the rule of the Campbell family, the distribution of wealth became greatly skewed.

Beckinghamshire is most popular with industrialization. New inventions, automobiles, airships, and machinery are often made in this city.

Physical Description[]

It is characterized as "steampunk", with tall steel skyscrapers held together by wires and cords. It is sparse in foliage, only containing a few trees here and there. The city's most important landmark is the giant bronze clock tower, which the towns folks use on a daily basis. It is the busiest of cities, characterized by the bustling streets and train stations, machinery, technology, and automobiles.

Groups Associated[]