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Also known as the City of Romance, the White City, the city of the moon, and is also the headquarters of the White Circus. Chevalier is the location in which many women dream to have their weddings and where men dream to find their true love. It had been ranked number one as the most beautiful city on the globe.


The Chevalier was named "noble Knight" in French, after the story of a French Knight who fell in love with a peasant girl. Because of their different statuses, they became star-crossed lovers. Many believed that the knight was a member of the Royal Silverciel family, which led to the Cyma war. However, it is actually unknown if such a story ever happened.

Like the other great cities, Chevalier was founded by the Silverciel family. However, after the Great War, the cities were then carved out of the ground by magic, and build into the Grand Cyma. The City flourished beautifully there, and became a popular tourist attraction. It is considered the greater of the three cities, only beaten by the Grand City of Alder by a margin.

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