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The Children of Eden wereVicissitude Souls that were collected from the gates of Eden, all of which were individuals with their own personal traits created by The ADAM Core. They were created solely for the purpose of the EVE Project. Knowing that Vicissitude Souls have not only a strong connection to the ADAM Core, but also supernatural powers and strength, the scientists of the Men of Eden found a method to make these souls into their own soldiers with the use of human corpses. This way, they are not Vicissitudes who have no sanity, nor are they humans who lack special abilities. They are now the Children of Eden, or VICISS for short (incomplete Vicissitudes, incomplete humans), beings with both a consciousness and supernatural abilities.

Process of Creation[]

The process begins by catching Vicissitude Souls at the Gateway with a newly invented machine that vacuums up specific particles within Eden. There, the Souls are placed into cleansing chambers that completely clear off their memories.

Later on, they are inserted into human corpses of children, and then placed into filtering chambers for incubation. There are two results that come from the process; the first and more common result is that the chaos between the clashing soul and body creates an extreme disturbance in the body's chemical balance and composition. Depending on the strength of the body and the Vicissitude soul, the chaos may prove to be too much for either of them, and therefore will turn the experimented body into a full-fledged Vicissitude, while the Soul will fall into complete madness. If the Soul and body is strong enough to withstand the chaos, then harmony will eventually form between the Soul and body, and the body will take on the special characteristics that Vicissitude Souls are blessed with, including super strength and special abilities.

The former of the two results are kept in the lowest chambers of the EDEN facility, where they are bred into stronger beasts, and brutally tortured in order to keep their allegiance to The Men of Eden. The later of the results become a part of the EVE Project, where they are raised in the EDEN Facility as "students".

However, even just a small emotional disturbance in the newly formed beings can set off the level of madness and easily turn them into full Vicissitudes. Because of this, scientists continue to incubate the children in filtering chambers for several years (the number of years depend on each individual), so that they develop a resistance against any disturbances, and also that they gain better control on their madness. With more control, they have the ability to change their stages of madness at will.

Organization during the EVE Project[]