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Men of Eden[]

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Self-proclaimed men of "Eden", this organization's main goal is to control the universe with the use of the ADAM core. As the Steinway family has been known to guard the gateway to Eden, where the ADAM core resides, the Men of Eden corrupts the goodness of the family. In order to obtain the core, the Men of Eden brainwashed Admiral Steinway into working with them, where they then were able to overcome the Steinway family and steal away the gate, in turn that they give the Steinway family power over many nations.

Children of Eden (also known as VICISS)[]

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The experimental group consisted of stillborn children, and children who died at a young age, all from different backgrounds. There had been over 1,000 dead bodies of children taken in for the EVE project, where each body was inserted with the Vicissitude souls. The bodies ranged from newborns to 11 year old children. The Vicissitude souls were drifting wisps that roamed around Eden. The children of Eden were different from regular Vicissitudes because they were Vicissitudes in human bodies.

Of the 1,000 children, only 400 of them were able to control the chaos of the Vicissitude gene, the rest of them fell into madness and became full Vicissitudes, where they then were thrown into the deepest chambers of the Eden facility and slowly bred throughout the years to be used as experiments and opponents for the children to use in training.

The intention of creating the Children of Eden was to breed a mass army that followed under Eve, who was to be the ultimate human weapon that controlled the ADAM Core.

The White Circus[]

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The Gypsies of Scarborough[]

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The Freelancer Guild[]

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The many major families in the world are listed below. The clans do not necessarily mean that members of each family are blood related, but are instead simply members of their designated group. The only members of the clan who are blood related are the pure-blooded leading members. Eve and Eric, for example, are members of the Steinway family, however, while neither are purebred, they are "selected" into the family(so they can carry their own surname, yet also carries the Steinway name). The same concept goes with all other families, as they are designed similar to the mafia hierarchy.

The Silverciel Royal Family[]

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House of Silverciel, Royal Seal

The Silverciel family is one of the greatest clan of French royalty, and up until xx850, when they were overthrone by the Kaiser family, one of their allied noble families. After their fall, the crown became a dictatorship under the Kaiser family, and the society fell into poverty, and the wealthy became richer. Most of the Silverciels were exiled outside of the Grand Cyma after the war, where they went North. The Silverciel family is best known for founding the three greater cities; Beckinghamshire, Chevalier, and Monticello. They have been known for their secluded nature, and admittance into the family has been known for being nearly impossible, only through royal blood. Notable members of the Silverciel family include Gabriel Silverciel, Levi Silverciel, Sophiria Silverciel, Claire Silverciel, and Angela Bouvier.

The Kaiser Noble Family[]

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The Kaiser family was the leading family of German nobles, also known as the Mother of German families. They were once the closest family to the royal family, but Many of the pure-blooded Steinways are related to the Kaisers, such as Train/Admiral Steinway, who are the Great-nephews of Grand Duke Wilhelm Kaiser. Theobold Kaiser led the family during the great war, but met his demise when he could not retain his crown.

The Steinway Noble Family[]

House Steinway


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The Steinway family is a small clan of German nobles. They were seen as weak due to their good nature, and often ridiculed as the least important German family of nobles. However, it was because of their lesser status that the ADAM core chose them to govern his domain, knowing that they would not have the thought or power to abuse him. Their job as the gate keepers was to keep everything from going in and out of the gateway, including Vicissitudes, Vicissitude Souls, and anyone who seeks power from the ADAM Core. Notable members of the Steinway family include Train Steinway, Admiral Steinway, Eric Waters, Eve Steinway, Luca Blotsky, and Lillie Steinway.

The Campbell Noble Family[]

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Once a great family, the Campbell noble family fell in the hands of the inadequate Baron Sludge Campbell. The Campbell family now runs Beckinghamshire, where there is a split between the rich and poor. Like the Kaiser family, the Campbell family once was a close ally of the royal family under Alexande r Campbell's rule. Notable members of the Campbell family are Alexander Campbell (deceased), Sludge Campbell, Morgan XIV, Alyssa Hart, and Celine Campbell.

The Blackshear Crime Family[]

The McAlastar Crime Family[]

House McAlastar


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 The McAlasters are the main group of Irish mobsters who are partnered with the Castillo family. They are known for their artillery, as they are mainly gun masters and traders. Although they are a very small group, they are dangerous nonetheless. They do not have a headquarters like all the other families, instead, many of the members are found living around the Irish settlement while others can be found in the alleyways and slums of greater cities, such as Beckinghamshire, Chevalier, and Monticello, and communicate through an extensive back-alley intelligence network that they are well-known for. Notable members of the McAlastars are Vergil Steinway (nee McAlastar), Flynn McAlastar, Ronan, Marie Mulligen, and Edmund Mulligen.

The Castillo Crime Family[]

The Castillos are the most infamous crime family. This Italian mafia resides in the Gambino ports, and are well known for being the most powerful group. Notable members of the Castillos are Annabel Castillo and Micol Castillo.