ADAM: Heart of Blood Wiki
Vital statistics
Character name Andrew Reid, nicknamed "Drew"
Birthplace Beckinghamshire, reborn in The EDEN Facility
Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate Febuary 29, XX890
Age 25 (beginning), 30 (end)
Height & Weight 6'2", 70 kg
Race/Species Scottish/English

Human body, Vicissitude

Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Weapon Sword
Main Type/Element Beast/Air
Occupation Member of White Circus
Affiliation Children of EDEN, ADAM Core, 
Position Main Support Neutral Antagonist
Personal Status
Relatives No Direct Family 

Rein Witherspoon (Future Fiancé)


Not much is known about Drew. He, along with Clyde were older students who werer part of the Lunar dorm along side Raphael, Micol, Gabriel, Uriel, Felix, Annabel, Angela, and several other who are unnamed. Drew was well known for his delinquency, pulling pranks on teachers and other students, teasing the younger kids, and dressing in a rebellious manner.


He is characterized by his red hair (from his Scottish descent), tall slim/lean figure, and his punkish outfits that are adorn with accessories. Similar to Clyde, he has a scar down his left eye and an X scar on his right cheek, which were caused by falling rubble during the fall of the first district when the EVE project failed. They both attained those scars when they were out searching for survivors.

He is described to be extremely handsome, where he and Gabriel had a fan club during the facility days. According to Raphael, girls would faint when he accepted their Valentine's chocolates, and cry when he pretended to be in love with Clyde.


Drew is an ESFP. He is a jokster at heart, yet he is also openly cunning. He has the ability to read people easily, and will use that to his advantage. Many used to believe that he could read minds. However, it is because of his strong sensory ability that he can read people's emotions through the look in their eyes.

In the facility, everyone looked up to him like a big brother, as he was always fun-loving and generous. Despite his tendency to bully the little ones, he still acted as their guardians along with Clyde. He is particularly close to Raphael, and act almost like a personal mentor to him even though he teases him the most, because Drew sees himself in him.

Strength and Abilities[]

He is second to Gabriel in swordsmenship because he is not as fast as him. However, because of his cunning nature, he is a very difficult opponent, as he is skilled in reading people's moves, and in predicting their attacks. His weakness in battle is his tendency to battle vocally rather than physically, leading him to become easily distracted.


Jean Clyde[]

Clyde and Drew are inseparable best friends despite clashing personalities. They are hardly seen without each other unless Eric orders them to go on separate missions. Along with Gabriel, they are Eric's most trusted members of The White Circus and will have them do his most important tasks.


He is also close to Gabriel and is one of the only people who can truly understand him. He knows of Gabriel's mental problems and is often around to keep him in check.