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Eric Waters
Vital statistics
Character name Eric Waters, Erich Steinway

Ein (White Circus number), The Waters brat, The Black Knight, Steinway bastard

Birthplace Port Gambino
Place of Origin Steinway Stronghold
Birthdate January 1, XX891
Age 15 (Part 1), 24 (beginning of Part 2)
Height & Weight 6'1", 70 kg
Race/Species Irish (maternal), German (Parental)


Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Burgundy
Eye Color Indigo
Weapon Pistols
Occupation Leader of the White Circus

Children of EDEN, The White Circus, The McAlastar Crime Family

Clan The McAlastar Family (unofficial)
Rank Leader
Position Neutral Antagonist
Personal Status

Train Steinway ( father), Vergil Steinway (mother), Eve Steinway (sister), Serena Song(Fiance), Admiral Steinway (Uncle), Lillie Steinway( cousin)



He is a tall handsome young man with dark burgundy hair, and his mother's blue eyes. He hides his blue eyes with purple contact lenses because of his complex as a Steinway bastard. Like Eve, he has a pale complexion and similar face shape. He is well build but slim. He often is seen with a sad complexion, and is secretive with his emotions. He is always seen wearing black, which others have dubbed him as the black Knight.


Eric is an INFP, but he is also known to be diagnosed with autism, thus prevents him from being able to socialize with others, and causes his temper to explode irrationally. However, it has also given him photographic memory, and so not only is he a genius, but is very capable despite only being human. Even though he is antisocial, people naturally follow him because of his ideals.

It it through Eve's birth that he can feel empathy for others. She had become the only person he cared about, but she taught him how to love others, which is what gave him the ability to be a leader.

Strength and Abilities[]

He has the strength of a regular human, but basically has an army to do everything for him. Like Eve, he focuses his fighting skills in weaponry, but chooses to weild two pistols. Unlike Eve, he is able to battle against a Viciss or Vicissitude easily, and has been able to defeat several by himself.