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Eve Steinway
Vital statistics
Character name Evelyn Rose Steinway/Rory the Nautical Dusk

Eve, Rory, The Steinway Girl, pig-Irish (by Oliver), Apple Cheeks (by Grace), Strawberry Shortcake (code name by Gabriel, Drew, and Clyde), The Curse of the Steinways (by many Steinways), the Vessel, Forbidden Fruit, The Ghost

Birthplace Steinway Manor
Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate February 1, XX900 (Aquarius)
Age 6 (part 1), 14 (beginning of part 2)
Height & Weight, blood type

5'3", 50 kg, Type O


German (parental)/Irish (maternal) Human

Gender Female
Hair Color Crimson Red
Eye Color Purple
Weapon Artillery, guns, blades, various weapons
Element Air

Jackal's Sniper, Engineer, Alchemist, Inventor


Children of EDEN , ADAM Core , Jackal, The Workers Guild


Steinway Noble Family (parental family)McAlastar Crime Family (maternal family)

Position Central Character
Rank No Rank
Personal Status
Relatives Train Steinway (father), Vergil Steinway (mother), Eric Waters (elder brother), Admiral Steinway(parental uncle), Lillie Steinway (parental cousin), Serena SongSong  (sister-in-law), Landen and Lucille (???)


The Steinway Manor, before Birth[]

The Steinway clan has been known for their goodwill and their strong belief in justice. For this reason, the family had been chosen to be the guardians of the core of the Universe, while the Steinway family of pure blood have been chosen as the Vessels. Eve's father, Train Steinway, was the third generation Vessel. As the Current Vessel during that time, he was obligated to follow the rules of the ADAM Core. However, upon meeting with Vergil McAlastar , he fell in love and disregarded the contact that ADAM had given. He and Vergil conceived a son during the summer in which they spent time together as teenagers. During the later years in which Train and Vergil were together, the two finally eloped temporarily, where they has a secret (yet unofficial) wedding in Chevalier. However,  because  of Train's duty as the Vessel, he was forced to return to the Steinway residence. After many secret meetings with Vergil, she became pregnant with A baby girl. Train had once again gone against ADAM'S contract, and so the bond between ADAM and Humans was severed. 

The Men of Eden, who were the first to discover this and sought out the Steinway family, and informed them of the news, where they then seek to capture Vergil and kill the child in her womb, in hopes of saving the connection. Things went according to plan for the Men of Eden, who predicted these current events. Now that the Steinway family has turned it's back on the Vessel, the stronghold has weakened, and they were able to make plans against Train by brainwashing his brother, Admiral Steinway , into seeking power.

Train was, however, able to hide Vergil where everyone least expected; The Steinway mansion, near the Gateway to Eden. There, moments before Eve's birth, Train attempted to gain pardon from the ADAM Core. Instead, the two made a deal; in order for the connection to stay, the ADAM Core allowed Train to take the Forbidden Fruit and insert it into Eve, to form a new connection. In return, Train was to give up Eve's soul and body to the ADAM Core, as retribution of his crime of severing the first connection. During the moments when Train had spiritually entered Eden, Vergil gave birth to a healthy girl. As soon as Train returned from Eden, he quickly took Eve and using a blunt sewing knife, cut out her heart. Before this move proved to be fatal, he quickly shoved the Forbidden Fruit into the place where the heart was originally located. He then named her Evelyn Rose.

Unfortunately, Train was forced to part with his family with little time to spare. As the Steinway family and Men of Eden were closing in on them, Train had Eric, his first child, take Vergil and Eve on a carriage and out of the city. After this, Train's fate was unknown to his wife and children.

For 4 months, the mother and children lived happily in a small cottage. Vergil was unable to return to the McAlastar family, knowing that the men would have easier access in finding them, and so she and her children lived in seclusion, where Eric was able to make just enough money to feed the three. On the fifth month, the Steinway family found their location and once again, pursued the three. Knowing that they were unable to escape this time, Vergil had Eric run away with just Eve while she attempted to hold them off. She was then taken captive and later losed her life.

Eric, knowing that it was impossible to get away, had no choice to plead for a compromise; he would freely do as they commanded of him as long as Eve was not to ever be put in danger. Accepting his deal, the Men of Eden took both of them into the EDEN Facility. Eric was granted permission to visit her only twice a month, where he was able to watch her grow in his parent's place.

Life at the EDEN Facility[]

The little girl, who was now 5 months old when entering the EDEN Facility, was renamed Eve, after the EVE Project. There, she received medical testing and examinations daily. Eve was given the upper West Wing floor as her living quarters, yet she was prohibited from leaving it. This led to both curiosity and loneliness, as not a single soul was allowed in there for more than five hours, for the Men of Eden feared that someone would conspire against them and steal her away. Over the years, they monitored her activity and gave her schooling from a screen in order to keep her confined. At a young age, she was already reading and writing due to the intense studies they put her through.

In the year XX906, Eve turned 6, and her sense of adventure took a huge leap. While Felix Zhu, was the only one allowed in her room, she instead spent her time with ADAM. After a series of strange events, Eve finally escaped her quarters. For the first time, Eve had discovered wonderous life outside of her quarters, where she saw many school children going about their ways in the main hall of the EDEN Facility. With the guards in pursuit, Eve eventually ended up finding herself in the Lunar dormitory, where she crashes into a grey/brown-haired boy with green eyes. She begged him to hide her from the guards. There, she met the Children of Eden for the first time. They were all older than she was, ranging from 6 to 18 years of age. Eve had never had human contact except from Felix and Eric, who came to visit her rarely, and found great interest in them all.

Eve stayed hidden inside the Lunar dorm for three days. By the third day, she realized that 4 of the children lacked proper names, and so took the opportunity to name them; Gabriel, the boy who was the first to help her, Oliver, the blond-haired blue eyed boy, Micol (a mispronunciation of Michael), the youngest of the boys, and Uriel, the eldest in the group. After the third day, the guards finally found her and took her back to confinement. However, things did not end there, as she continued to escape her quarters routinely for the next 7 years, where all the Children of Eden became familiar with the little girl who was often seen running around playing with others while still being constantly playing chase with the guards. Little did they know that she was the Vessel of the ADAM Core until the collapse of the EVE Project.

The Collapse of the EVE Project[]

In the December of year XX910, a ball is held at the Alder castle, when the Men of Eden plan to announce the EVE Project to all the world leaders and have them submit their loyalty to them (where they will kill anyone who opposes them). Those who attended include The children of Eden (who were in a separate room enjoying the banquet), The Steinway family, the once royal Silverciel family, king Morgan XIII, the Castillos, McAlastar, and many other world leaders. Many of the world leaders where appalled and outraged over the plan.

Meanwhile, Uriel, Gabriel, Micol, and Eric (although Eric already knew about them) discover all the secrets of the facility and EVE Project after accidentally stumbling upon the main control room, which had a recording of the project's process. As they were all shakened of the news,  Uriel begins to fall into madness. Micol and Eric attempt to calm him but end up angering him further. Gabriel, instead leaves the room and heads out to assassinate the Men of Eden. Uriel finally falls to the last stage of madness, the lunatic stage, where he became a full out Demon. He then proceeded to destroy the control rooms and laboratories while Micol runs to warn the other VicisS and Eric runs off to find Eve.

During this time, Eve was watching the ball commence with Oliver keeping her company. Eric bursts into her room and drags her off while explaining everything to Oliver. They come to a stop when they see explosions coming from the main building and the ballroom, where screams are heard. They rush to see what is going on, seeing that Uriel has blasted himself into the room and currently killing people nearby while Gabriel has trapped the Men of Eden in a corner, along with guns\blades directed against their vitals. Gabriel had also fallen into madness, the broken stage. In attempt to stop them, Eric extracts vials blood from Eve's arm and rushed first to Uriel while leaving Eve in Oliver's protection. All the guest are evacuated by the staff, while the Other Vicisses attempt to stop Uriel, who is now 100 times stronger than before. More explosions occur and chaos ensues. Eve is separated from Oliver and is roaming through the chaos, witnessing the deaths and gore that occurred. No longer being able to handle it, she cries to ADAM, who then switches places with Eve and uses a power that stopped everything in motion and dispelling all chaos. The strength of ADAM's powers proceeded to dispel the magic that held the first district in the sky. Because of this, the 1st district came crashing down onto the 2nd district as everyone attempted to evacuate.

Eve's Death

During the aftermath, in addition to the massive strength done unto Eve's body by ADAM's magic, yet she still survived. Gabriel was the first to find her, but because he was still in the broken stage of madness, it is implied that his anger caused him to defile her brutally until she finally died from the violence. Several hours later, Oliver finds her body under rumble near the Steinway mansion, which had also been damaged by the fall. Upon seeing Eve's dead and ravaged body, he sees the gate to Eden exposed from the destruction of the manor, and enters it. He begged ADAM to return Eve's life, in exchange for her memories. ADAM grants his wish and revives her. Still injured, Eve awakens a week later without a single memory of what had happened. Eve and Oliver are now on the streets of the 3rd district, and the fate of everyone they knew is unknown. The newspapers were filled with cover up stories, masking the incident as a spell failure. Eve, no longer remembering anything from the facility, is then told by Oliver that the two of them had ran away from a poor orphanage, and that her name was "Dusk". From there, Oiver swears to protect and take care of her. All that Eve has left is Oz, her locket, and her stuffed cat. In hopes to protect Eve's identity, he cuts her hair short past her ears, and demanded that she begun living her life as a boy. With the crash of the 1st district, thousands of millions of Vicissitudes had escaped from the inner dungeons of the Alder castle, where they had then become the terror of the night to the common people. Many towns and cities put up defenses against the Vicissitude infestations, and the began to become educated of them, learning that many people were also Vicissitudes (the Viciss), which then led to their uttermost discrimination.

Marie Mulligen[]

It was the year XX910, and the two have lived by stealing and makeshift jobs while living in the sewers below.  Eve, now going by Dusk, once again rekindled her relationship with ADAM despite her memory loss, believing he was merely her subconscious that she is able to communicate with. Oliver and ADAM continued to keep all that had happened a secret.

It was once again winter, and the two roamed to the Irish slums after being chased out by a village nearby. As Eve was outside in the cold begging for change (Oliver was out in search of a makeshift job), Marie Mulligen, a high-class courtesan, dressed in fancy clothing, came upon her. Something about Eve's red hair and purple eyes made Marie take interest in her, so she's offered Eve and Oliver a place at her brothel, in exchange that they do house and servant work there. The two gratefully accepted, and Marie officially became their benefactor, as well as their motherly figure. Oliver discovers that Felix had been in Marie's care since the collapse of the EVE Project, and Felix resumes his servitude to Eve. While they lived comfortably with Marie and her courtesans, the 1st and 2nd districts were completely rebuilt in XX914, where the Men of Eden then posted wanted signs of all the Eden Children who escaped (which is how Oliver was able to find out who survived) with bounties worth 1,000 gold each, and also a wanted sign for Eve, whose bounty was worth 9,000,000 gold (two zeros added in XX915). The Steinway family had once again come into power.


In the beginning of part 2, Eve is described as scrawny, short, boyish, and mildly unattractive as a boy. She had not yet gone through puberty and so had the body of an adolescent. After puberty however, she gradually became more feminine. Her face lost the baby fat, her features became more feminine. Her physical change makes concealing her gender much more difficult than before.

Older,Eve Steinway is characterized by her smaller frame, curvy body, pale white/pink skin, piercing eyes, and her unevenly cut bright red hair. She typically has a blank or straight expression when saying vulgar things. Her most used expression is a scowl.


As Dusk, she has her hair dyed black and constantly has her hat and goggles obscuring her face, only taking it off in private. The primary reason for this is because Oliver does not want anyone knowing her identity. The second is because she became accustomed to having it on.

She has been known for having different varieties of hair styles. As a child, she had short cropped hair, but eventually grew it out when she heard that the boy she liked had a preference for girls with long hair.

As a boy, Oliver initially has her hair cropped shorter, above her ears, but it eventually lengthens out. She usually dresses as a paper boy in ordinary occasions.

As she gets older, she had grown out her hair past her waist (like how it was at age 10), and is finally allowed to dress in more feminine clothing. However, her primary preference for clothing is still men's clothing, as she does not feel comfortable to women's clothing. She eventually cuts iy again.


Eve Steinway is primarily ENTP, but exhibits many ISTP qualities when she is older. She was initially characterized by her know-it-all personality that clashes with naive nature. Being raised on textbooks of purely academic content, she knows just about everything that comes from books. She takes pride in her wide range of knowledge, but this arrogance becomes her down fall as she lacks experience in everything that does not concern a textbook.

Being confined within her tower for 6 years of her life, she lacks social grace all the while being a social butterfly. Her desire to make friends clashes as she is unable to gain any when others find her obnoxious smart-ass personality intolerable.

After the fall of the EVE project and losing her memories, she entered the real world. The tragedies she faced made her realize that life was not nearly as beautiful as she imagined and nothing she learned in a book will help her survive in a broken world. With her experiences, she became harsh, cynical, and emotionally detached. She believes in survival of the fittest and will not show empathy to others unless it benefits her. She is sarcastic, witty, critical of failure, and has no problem manipulating others to her advantage.

Just like the derogatory stereotype, Eve is the perfect definition of a pig-Irish. She often acts poverty-ridden and sloppy, simply because it's in her nature. She is always desperate for work at the commission boards and will go out of her way just to get the highest paying job. She has a love for money (a bad habit she learned from Oliver when they were living on the streets), and will use dirty, sly methods to get it. Eve is often ridiculed for her love for knowledge. She does, however, have an extreme lack of common sense, to the point where she seems almost stupid, specifically when she acts irrationally in most situations. She speaks vulgarities with a polite tongue.

Although Eve is skilled physically with her weapons, she is absolutely no good at sports. She is the type who would very much rather read a book and write a story on her free time, much to her regular appearance as a hot-headed muscle brain. She is often times surprisingly gentle and feminine when she's not around others (or when she thinks she's alone), particularly because these feminine traits have always been in her nature from the very start.

In terms of etiquette however, Eve has none whatsoever. She learned no manners when in the facility simply because everything was her's. She is also unable to read atmospheres and ends up ruining certain moments. She has a difficult time feeling empathy, and therefore speaks truths without considering whether it's offensive to people (this is usually the reason why she and Oliver often get into trouble with people).

Strength and Abilities[]

In terms of physical strength, she is weak as she only has human strength. However, her speed and agility greatly makes up for her lack of brute strength. As a human, she is unable to handle damage or power like the others who are all Vicissitudes, and so focuses on evasion. However, because she refuses to be the weakest link, she has Edmund Mulligen (Marie's grandfather who was an infamous Irish assassin in his days) teach her gunnery, mainly because it is a class that is both effective in damage and does not require much strength. Knowing that she is in constant danger due to her "handicap" (everyone around her has supernatural powers), she learned how to utilize other weaponry, in addition to her acrobatic skills. Despite all the skills she has aqquired, she still has difficulty fighting Vicissitudes, as they often overpower her. Because of this, she will run away when she knows she can't handle it.

While her main class is a gunner, she is also a Tinkerer (alchemist/engineer). Eve is a talented engineer, and is capable of utilizing and sort of technology or machinery. During battles, where unattended machinery is readily available, she is capable of operating it to enhance battle. She builds her own weapons in her free time. She also builds robotic machines to assist her during battles. As an alchemist, she has much knowledge of chemistry and arithmetics. With such knowledge, she tinkered with chemicals in order to create explosives and stronger firepower for her artillery. She had also learned some magic from Raf, giving her the ability to change compositions in certain compounds and elements, allowing her to utilize her environment for make-shift weaponry.

Although it is not her own ability, she is able to utilize the power of ADAM at will, but because her body cannot handle the power, she avoids using it at all costs.



The ADAM Core[]

Because of the supernatural connection between Eve and The ADAM Core, their relationship is unlike any other. Raising Eve since her birth, ADAM protects and mentors Eve, and Eve in turn gives him company, comfort, and acts upon his will. ADAM is able to freely take over Eve's body thanks to the Forbidden fruit that was implanted into her heart, although it uses much of her body's energy, to the point where she ends up temporarily passing out after his appearances.

Later on, Eve begins to question who ADAM really is, and attempts to seek answers, even if it is against ADAM's will. This eventually begins causing a rift in their relationship, as Eve is unable to fully trust ADAM's intentions, while ADAM is unable to give Eve the knowledge she seeks for he fears she will leave him.

When Eve regains her memories, the horror she experienced from realization made her go into hiding through Eden for several months. During that time, she switched places with Adam, who acts in her place.

Grace Blackshear[]

Their friendship is like no other. Initially, they were awkwardly forced into each other's company by ADAM. After spending time together, they have complete faith in each other. Before Grace found out Eve's real gender, Grace unconsciously fell in love with "Dusk" after she saved her from prostitute traders in the beginning of the story, but fell out of it when she found out Eve was a girl. Grace has an obsession for Eve's eyes because purple is Grace's favorite color. The two often throw insults at each other, banter, and compete over foolish things

Oliver Witherspoon[]

Their relationship is like that of siblings. In the facility, they often caused mischief together. Oliver is generally very tolerant of Eve's immaturity and goes along with it often, but knows how to put her back in her place. Although the two are often quarreling in a childish manner and openly insulting each other, they sincerely care and look out for one another because the two are all that they have. After finding themselves on the streets, Oliver took matters into his own hands to take care of Eve, who was only 6 and didn't know a thing about the world. Many times, Oliver has been more than willing to put his life on the line for Eve, regardless of whether it was because she was the Vessel.

Eve is very supportive of Oliver and Grace's relationship, and enjoys putting the two on the spot/embarrassing them, yet she absolutely does not like being the third wheel, and so she terrorizes them when they get too romantic around her, or when they leave her out.

Felix Zhu[]

Eve's personal servant. When in the facility, he often made Eve more lonely even though he technically was with her the most. Initially, he could care less about Eve and her feelings, as long as he was doing his job. However, upon seeing the hardships and the pain she was going through, he was eventually able to sympathize with her situation, even trying to comfort her in his stoic ways. He acts as Eve's brotherly figure in Eric's place, but rather than a brother, he acts more like a tutor. While Oliver raised and protected her emotionally, Felix focused on teaching her by giving her life/manner lessons, training, and schooling.


Eve's best friend from the facility days, they are the same age and were able to bond due to their similar habits (stalking the people they admired). Eve and Pierre had a special bond and were always looking out for each other, especially since the older students had a habit of looking down on them. Eve is the only one who was concerned when Pierre goes missing and becomes heart broken when she learns that Elizabeth Crawley tortured and killed him.

After the Men of Eden artificially resurrect Pierre through science, Pierre is used as a puppet against the party. However, Eve welcomes him back with opened arms regardless of his current mission. Their friendship is rekindled and she helps Pierre break away from the Men of Eden's control. They are often found climbing trees and eating sweets together.

Lillie Anne Steinway[]

Lillie is Eve's cousin on her father's side. The two immediately bond upon meeting even though their relations were unknown. The two act as a foil to their fathers' relationship. They both look physically similar, so much that they are frequently mistaken for one another, but when put together, it is clear that they are different.

The McAlastars/Irish Folks[]

Although she does not find out until later on, it turns out that she is the granddaughter of the leader of the McAlastar family.

The Silverciels[]

The Silverciels are especially fond of Eve, despite the past complications with their relationship to the Steinways and Silverciels. Both Levi and Sophiria Silverciel, the head of the Royal Family, treat Eve (as well as Grace) as their daughter(s). They initially meet when the party goes North to find Edmund and Marie, where the Silverciels rescue the party in an avalanche. Sophiria feels a special connection to Eve due to her relationship with Train and Vergil, as well as the fact that she was unable to have children (besides Gabriel, who was stillborn, and Claire, who was born out of a surrogate mother).


Uriel Blackshear[]

Eve and Uriel never got along in the facility simply because of their clashing personalities and age difference. However, even though many people are afraid of Uriel, Eve is not.

The Men of Eden[]

Eve absolutely fears the Men of Eden, even when she lost her memory, specifically Wilhelm Kaiser.

Eric Waters /Gabriel Silverciel /The White Circus[]

Eric Waters is Eve's "bastard" brother, even though they technically have the same mother. Before Eve's birth, he was conceived secretly after Train and Vergil spent the summer together away from their respective families, and because the two were not married when he was conceived, he was not acknowledged as a legitimate child by the Steinway family. Eric took on the responsibility of caring for his mother and new sister since the time of her birth. During their time of hiding, Eric did his best to earn money for the three. However, when the Men of Eden found them, Eve's mother was forcefully taken away as a prisoner, while Eric attempted to run away with Eve, with the men in pursuit. Eric was unable to get away and Eve was taken. Despite not having much contact due to Eve's isolation, the two siblings are extremely close. After the fall of the EVE Project, Eve lost all contact with Eric, who disappeared midst the chaos. Knowing that the Forbidden Fruit in Eve prevents her from living a normal life, he vowed to do everything in his power to destroy the ADAM Core, who he blames for destroying his family. Despite their good relationship, the two are at odds due to Eve's allegiance to ADAM, and Eric's hatred for him.

Gabriel's relationship with Eve is complex. Gabriel was initially Eve's childhood crush. He, on the other hand, never noticed her, and if anything, found it annoying how everyone thought she was special and would irritated by her lack of consideration for his personal space. It is unknown as to whether he truly cares for her, as his actions/words around her typically do not show any concern for even her presents. As he got older, her presence remained invisible to him for the most part. However, he did begin to feel affection for her, as the many times she attempted to show her love made him unconsciously happy. With a broken heart, she decided to give up her childish crush after seeing he was involved with Alyssa Hart. After the fall of the EVE Project, there was a drastic change in their view of each other.  With Eve's memories gone, and before Gabriel discovers that Dusk is actually Eve, the two are constantly at odds, where they openly taunt and fight each other. Despite their rough relationship, Gabriel is very sensitive and protective towards Eve, especially after discovering her true identity. Gabriel does love Eve, but his psychological problems prevents him from showing any signs of affection as pushing her away seemed to be the best course of action to protect her.

Admiral Steinway /The Steinway Family[]

Eve and Eric's paternal uncle, Admiral harbors an irrational hatred for Eve, not because he sees her as a child of misfortune, but because she is his brother's daughter. It is then revealed that he once had fallen in love with Vergil, and felt anger towards her and Train for falling in love, and thus hates her because he sees both of them in her. Eve is constantly at odds with Admiral, and will openly display hostility with name calling, sarcastic insults, and much disrespect. However, unlike Eric, Eve desires to fix their broken relationship with Admiral, knowing that he is the only family they have left. Admiral at times also harbor the same desire, but his grudge against their parents prevents him from accepting them as his family.

Kaiser/Men of Eden[]

Wilhelm Kaiser is the brother of Train and Admiral's paternal grandmother, making him related to Eve and Eric. Eve is afraid of Kaiser as she knows that underneath the image of an elderly man is a power-hungry tyrant who uses others for his own gain. Kaiser



  • Is technically the successor of the Steinway family, as the Vessel is considered the leader of the family, meaning she surpasses both Erik and Lillie, who are both older than she is.
  • The Silverciel family is allied with the McAlastar family, but enemies with the Steinway family, therefore where Eve and Erik stand in their presence is unknown.
  • Eve is fluent in seven different languages; English, German, Gaelic, French, Italian, Latin (Latin is not a dead language in this world), and Russian. She learned a bit of Mandarin from Felix and a little bit of Spanish from Grace. Her first spoken language was German, as Herr Kaiser required for it to be her primary language, and so has a bit of a German accent (but very light because she no longer speaks German as her primary language). Her accent is also muddled with a light Irish accent.
  • Both Oliver and Grace did not know why Eve (Dusk then) was so eager to have Grace accompany them to the Irish settlement when they first met her. It turns out that Adam, who Eve thought was her subconscious at that time, had been merely following his instructions. He apparently ordered her to befriend Grace.
  • Whenever Adam takes over Eve's body, her body changes in gender, her hair turns a dark shade of blue, and her eyes glow purple.
  • Despite being a masculine in character, she secretly wishes to be more feminine and envies other girls (especially Grace) for wearing dresses. However, when she finally is allowed to wear them, she gets too shy and ends up dressing like a boy again.
  • Known for her strange/piggish eating habits and food combinations.
  • Talents include her singing and being able to function/use any machinery, instruments, and weaponry. However, she has terrible drawing skills and is awful at physical activity.
  • She and her cousin Lillie are almost identical (except for few differences such as height, personality, and hair style/color), particularly because Admiral Steinway, her father's twin brother who was in love with Vergil, married a noble Scottish woman who looked similarly like Vergil.
  • Edmund Mulligen, Eve's gunnery teacher, is a part of the McAlastar family, and still plays a role in the intelligence network. He had also taught Vergil, Eve's mother, gunnery when she was Eve's age.
  • Eve was killed after the collapse of the EVE Project, and she is the first person in history to fully be resurrected with the use of ADAM's power.