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Felix Zhu
Vital statistics
Character name Felix Zhu
Birthplace Beckinghamshire , reborn in The EDEN Facility
Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate December 11, XX886
Age 20 (Part 1), 29 (beginning of Part 2)
Height & Weight 6'0", 70 kg
Race/Species Chinese (paternal), English (maternal)

Human body, Viciss

Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Aqua
Weapon Martial Arts
Main Element Earth, Beast
Occupation Servitude
Affiliation Children of EDEN , The ADAM Core , The FreelancerGuild,

The Steinway Family, The McAlastar Crime Family

Clan None
Rank No Rank
Position Main Support Character
Personal Status
Relatives No Direct Family 

Marie Mulligen (Future Fiancé)


For the most part, Felix's background is relatively unknown. According to Eve, he was made specifically to serve her. It is later revealed by Eric that he is connected to the Steinway family. Eric's theory is that Train Steinway, Eve and Eric's father, had taken Felix in as a servant, and that Felix protects/cares for Eve on Train's orders.

Felix Zhu, an Eastern slave, was rescued by Train Steinway. His loyalty to Train has been unyielding since then. He was a bright and happy boy as he served Train as his personal servant. After the scandal between Train and Vergil, Felix accompanies the two throughout the ordeal. He is killed when Train is apprehended by the Steinway Family. After Train is banished, he pulls a few strings to get Felix's corpse into the EVE Project. There, he acts as a double spy and takes care of Eve in Train's place.

In XX906, after the fall of the EVE Project, he has lost his will to live as he failed his duty to Train. He roams the third District until he runs into a back alley Courtesan named Marie who also has lost her will to live. They find comfort in each other and together decide to live for themselves. He helps Marie build herself despite it being dirty work. She finally formed her own brothel in which she rescued girls like herself. By XX910, Marie discovers Oliver and Eve (going by Dusk), and takes them in, much to Felix's surprise. He resumes his servitude to Eve.


Felix is a slim, tall, yet handsome figure. His black hair goes a little bit pass hid jawline. He is known for very feminine feature. He has aqua-colore eyes, and is distinctly oriental (more so than Grace due to his Chinese ancestry). He is characterized by his glass, which Eric believes to be a gift from Train.


From the beginning, Felix seems to have no emotions what so ever. When in the facility, he often made Eve more lonely even though he technically was with her the most. He is very judgmental of others and hates to mingle with people, and will ignore people who annoy him (especially Raphael). Initially, he could care less about Eve and her feelings, as long as he was doing his job. However, upon seeing the hardships and the pain she was going through, he was eventually able to sympathize with her situation, even trying to comfort her in his stoic ways. He acts as Eve's brotherly figure in Eric's place, but rather than a brother, he acts more like a tutor. While Raphael raised and protected her emotionally, Felix focused on teaching her by giving her life/manner lessons, training, and schooling.

His character takes a drastic turn upon meeting Marie Mulligen. It is she who is able to open his heart and give him the ability to feel empathy. Because of this, he falls in love with her, but is unable to express it, often using his servitude to Eve as excuse to avoid confronting his feeling (even though Eve is constantly trying to hook the two up).

Strength and Abilities[]

Like all the others, he has immense strength and speed. He is especially skilled in martial arts, and prefers not to use a weapon. It is he who trained Eve in acrobats, evasion, and speed.