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Vital statistics
Character name Gabriel, Real name: Adrian Claire Silverciel

#96, Zwei (White Circus Number), The White Knight, Crown Prince, The Devil (indirectly by Eve), Eye Patch/Patches (code name by Grace, Eve, Drew, and Clyde), Pretty boy (brawlers in Scarborough)

Birthplace Silverciel Manor , reborn in The EDEN Facility
Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate August 8 XX895 (Leo)
Age 11 (Part 1), 20 (Part 2)
Height, Weight, blood type

5'11", 67 kg, Type AB


French Human body, Viciss

Gender Male
Hair Color Grey-Brown, Silver, White
Eye Color Green
Weapon Long Sabier, multiple daggers, assorted blades
Main Type/Element Demon / Fire, Void

The White Circus


Children of EDEN, ADAM Core , Uriel Blackshear


Silverciel Royal Family 

Rank Second in Command, Crown Prince of Royal Family
Position Neutral Antagonist
Personal Status

Levi Silverciel (Biological Father), Sophiria Silverciel (Biological Mother),Claude Silverciel (Biological Elder Brother), Landen(???), Lucille (???)


Before Rebirth[]

The human host of Gabriel's was a stillborn child from the royal Silverciel Family, who was currently living at the Northern borders outside of the Grand Cyma, because the royal family was exiled by the Kaisers after the great war. The Silverciel child was the son of Levi and Sophiria Silverciel , the current heads of the Silverciel family, who are the legitimate king and queen. Although Levi Silverciel had one illegitimate son because of Sophiria's difficulty to conceive, he still needed a true heir for the Silverciel line. Finally, they conceived a boy in xx896, whom they named named Adrian Claire Silverciel, but were devestated to hear that child was not breathing. Having no other choice, the couple agreed to have a Vicissitude soul inserted into the Silverciel child. The child was then put under supervision in the Eden Facility.

Life at the EDEN Facility[]

Like all the others, he was given a number; #69. Unlike all the other Children of Eden , #69 still had recollection of his time in Eden as a nameless Vicissitude soul, which was supposed to be impossible due to the process where the souls and bodies are put in filtering chambers that prevent any memories from entering the bodies. Due to this error, his memories have caused him to question everything about the facility and everyone around him. He saw that they merely lived their lives as sheep, and did not know what to do about these memories. Eventually, the scientists discovered he still had his memories, and reported it to the Men of Eden. They were unable to put him back into the filter chamber since he already developed. As they feared that he would choose to abide by ADAM's will, they tortured him, ordering the scientists to instill fear into him. In addition to this, they discovered that because of the error in the filter chamber, his statistics were much higher than all the other children. To understand why, they begun experimenting on him.

He went on living, silent about what they there doing to him. One day in the year xx903, after sword class, he was exiting the Lunar dorm after a shower, when a little girl with a dog and pink cat doll crashed into him. She asked him to help her, and seeing that she was being chased by the royal guards, he took her back into the dorm room and hid her within the grandfather clock. The guards searched the dorm, and once they left, the other dorm residents question what the search was about. He opened the grandfather clock, and the little girl came out. She thanked him, and shyly introduced herself to everyone, calling herself Eve. Everyone in the dorm became familiar with her, and Felix, one of the residents there, took her away immediately afterwards.

The little girl named Eve began showing up more frequently, running away from guards, and playing around with #27, a fellow dorm mate. As there had been rumors of a little girl living in the west wing of the castle, it turns out Eve was that girl. Each time she escaped, she would go to the Lunar dorm and observe everyone. When she discovered a large number of them did not have names, she begun naming them herself. That was when #69 got his name "Gabriel".

For the next few years, they went on living as they were commanded. Gabriel's mind continued to fall deeper into chaos as the experimentation and tortured continue, yet he still lived quietly. In the facility, he was often the target of bully from other male students, and so the only one who kept him company was Angela, a girl of the same age, as well as two older students, Drew and Clyde. Eve often pestered him in particular. Although he pretended not to notice, it was clear that she was infatuated with him. Because she always followed him, Gabriel became familiar with #27, who was named Raphael by Eve.

During an outing to Beckinghamshire, he met another girl whom he became fond of due to her kindness and out-going personality. The two became an item among the other students at the facility. Gabriel soon befriended another who was not a child of Eden. The older boy named Eric Waters had often come to the facility in order to visit Eve. According to Eve, he was her older brother. Both of their origins were mysterious to everyone. For the first time, he had friends of his own. However, he still put up a barrier around himself due to the increased experimentation, where one led to the removal of his right eye.

After the fall of the EVE Project[]

In the year xx910, the children of Eden were gathered for a banquet, along side many of the world leaders. The reason was uclear, but they went anyways. That day, before they went to the banquet, Gabriel, Micol, and Uriel were trying to help Eric locate Eve's private quarters, but because the only two who knew where her room was were Felix and Raphael. They got lost in the west wing, going deeper into the lower levels. They found themselves in a control room, full of unknown technology. As they investigated the room, Micol bumped into a lever, and a video of herr Wilhelm Kaiser came up. The video explained everything about the EVE Project; about the purpose of the Children of Eden, and their plans to use Eve to create an army of Vicisses. With the shocking discovery, both Uriel and Gabriel lost control of their emotions, and both fell into madness, into the broken stage.

As Uriel began to tear up the control room, Gabriel sped out of the room in search of the Men of Eden. When he reached the ball room, he began a massacre, killing many leaders. As chaos ensued, Uriel destroyed the magic generator that held the Grand Cyma in the air. This led the First District to fall onto the second, destroying it altogether. Soon after, ADAM used his magic to calm the chaos, using Eve's body. By the morning, those still alive were evacuated.

Gabriel, still in his broken stage, was wandering aimlessly through the rubble. The chaos in his mind was taking over, and he was no longer able to control his own body. He then runs into Eve, who was injured from the fallen rubble. 

The scene changes, and Clyde, who along with Drew, was searching for survivors, found Gabriel, still in his broken stage. He then noticed that he was holding Eve, whose body was limp, and clothing tattered, implying that Gabriel brutally deflowered her. He beats Gabriel back to the vulnerable stage, and Gabriel experiences a mental break-down, knowing that he had caused Eve's death. Clyde then knocks Gabriel out, and brings him back with him to an escape airship.

He then awakes, finding himself being nursed back to health by the girl Alyssa. She brings him comfort after he remembers what he had done.


He is often described by others as "absolutely gorgeous and breath-taking". He was incredibly popular in the EDEN facility, especially with girls (where the boys were usually jealous of him and attempted instead to bully him). He has soft and light grayish-brown hair. He typically has a pale and feminine complexion compared to other men, but is well toned. He is slim but muscular because he is often getting into fights with others. Normally, he is seen with a rather dead-pan expression, but will reveal a smirk or grin now and then. During one of the experienments, he lost his right eye, and was forced to wear an eye patch for the rest of his life. Later on, he begins wearing a glass eyeball instead of an eye patch, but not often because he said that it sometimes gives him a headache, and putting it into his socket was painful. On the right side of his chest, he has "#69" imprinted. He later has tattoos all along his right arm and some in several different places.


In his demon form, he grows fangs, black feathery wings, a demon tail, claws, and horns. His hair turns silvery white while his skin becomes a pale grey color. His left eye glows a green color, while his right eye, empty from a missing eyeball, instead bleeds tears of blood. His face has demonic markings that extend from his eyes down to his jaw line. He growns taller in this form, grows horns from different parts of his body, and becomes much more muscular. People who have witnessed his form all agree that he is probably the most beautiful Viciss.


Gabriel is an INTJ/INFJ. In the facility, Gabriel was seen as smart, talented, but quite egotistical as he is often judgmental of unintelligent people. People who did not know him saw him as an idol. He is a quiet boy as he does not feel the need to speak with anyone, but when he speaks, it is usually with sarcasm or is brutally honest, causing certain people like Oliver to antagonize him. Despite being rude to those he dislikes, he is actually quite a gentleman who favors chivalry and will treat others kindly if they deserve it.

Things changed over time as he copes with Post Traumatic Stress disorder. He, from the start had been a tortured soul due to torture and abuse from the Men of Eden, yet he was able to hide his anguish for most of his existence. Hiding it took a toll on his mental, emotional, and psychological stability. He becomes sadistic, cold-hearted, cruel, calculative, and manipulative just as he is easily manipulated. Unlike Uriel, however, he does have some goodness inside of him. He does not know how to come to terms with his demonic side like Uriel does, so his mind is constantly in chaos.

The cruel experiments and torture he experienced in his youth has made him apathetic to the suffering of others. This is especially evident when he carries out the White Circus' inquisition. He shows no mercy and feels no pity to those who are being tortured.

For the most part, he tends to prefer staying in the background but is a natural born leader. When it is time to act, he usually takes the lead in most situations. He is no good in crowds, and his pyschopathic tendencies will act up if he's around people too often, which is why he usually locks himself up in his white room, causing people to think he is lazy. When his pyschopathic tendencies act up, he often tears things up and starts speaking to himself. He has severe Obsessive compulsive disorder and will begin to endlessly wash his hands for hours or organizing his room in an almost autistic way. When it is severe, he ends up getting violent even towards those he cares about. He has a very foul mouth and says vulgar things much to the dismay of others.

As his demon type is characterized as an incubus demon-king kind of figured, his human personality acts very promiscuous and dominating. When he is older, he openly makes out with women he's never met before and flirts with just about anyone. His playboy persona is a defense mechanism that appears when something triggers his anxiety. He has a drinking and drug problem, but Clyde and Drew are there to monitor him.

Strength and Abilities[]

Gabriel is considered the second strongest Viciss in terms of overall statistics, second to Uriel. He is, however, the most excellent with blades, as he is not only precise, but also strong and fast. In the facility, he was unbeatable during sword training, and was able to take down Clyde, Drew, and Uriel in an instant. Although he has the intelligence to use magic, his mind is never calm, and so he lacks the concentration necessary.

As he is a Demon type, in his Viciss form, he is extremely powerful and fast, much more powerful than Uriel in his Demon form. His Demon form is the most feared as well as the most dangerous, as his psychopathic tendencies as well as sadistic mind turns him into a ruthless demon. He is known to carry the title of "The White Devil". Because of this, Eric keeps him around to keep him under control, as Gabriel in his other forms is capable of bringing destruction to the world. This is also why Uriel is constantly after him.

His greatest weakness in battle is his madness, as he is quickly and easily distracted, as well as easily manipulated (particularly by those who know of his insanity). At his regular state of mind, he is the best in battle, but in madness, he is the most useless.

Even though Eve and Grace are much weaker and not nearly as skillful, they both are able to consecutively catch him off guard each time they run into him.


The Children of Eden[]

Eric Waters /Members of The White Circus[]

Although they considered each other as friends, Eric acts more as Gabriel's temporary guardian. He, Gabriel, and Oliver were all very close back in the Eden Facility. Since the end of the EVE Project, Eric has kept Gabriel close in order to keep him from going mad.

Gabriel holds some loyalty to Eric compared to other people, where he does not treat Eric as disrespectfully, but this is primarily due to the guilt of killing Eve.

Gabriel's actual intentions with Eric is to use him to defeat the Men of Eden.

Train Steinway[]

Train and Gabriel have a master-pupil relationship. After the fall of the EVE Project, it turned out Eric remained in contact with Train Steinway through the McAlastar Intelligence Network for many years since Eve was taken by the Men of Eden. Because of Gabriel's madness, Eric sent him to Train, so that he could train him, in mind and body, as Train was hailed as one of the greatest swordsmen in that time. Initially, they did not get along. Gabriel was rebellious towards him and was constantly irritated by his lecturing, while Train had a difficult time with Gabriel's personality, as it was similar to Levi's free-spirited personality. However, they eventually gained respect for each other after spending much time training. Train helps Gabriel deal with his PTSD and OCD. Train refers to Gabriel as his "brat-apprentice", while Gabriel refers to him as his "shitty master". Some claim thst it is due to Train's harsh methods thst Gabriel had become psychopathic and sociopathic. Train had taught Gabriel how to control his emotions in order to keep his madness from overtaking him, but instead, Gabriel chose to embrace his madness, taking it to the extremes where he eventuslly learned to disable his emotions all together.

Oliver Witherspoon[]

Eve Steinway[]

Back when they first met, their relationship started out problematic, where Eve made it a habit to annoy him and Oliver. She then began to develop a one-sided infatuation for him, leading her to act irrationally in his presence. Despite her obvious crush, he allowed her to hang around him even when she insulted him regularly and had no regard for his personal space. It is unknown as to whether he truly cares for her, as his actions/words around her typically do not show any concern for even her presence. After the fall of the EVE, there was a drastic change in their relationship. With Eve's death by Gabriel's hands, Gabriel realized too late how much he loved Eve, resulting in him going mad with grief. With Eve now identifying as a boy named Rory, the two are constantly at odds, where they openly taunt and fight each other, specifically due to Gabriel's tendency to unintentionally molest Rory at unusual moments in their encounters. Despite their rough relationship, other people oftrn found their bantering to be a healthy relationship, especially for Gabriel who had become sociopathic and cruel. Gabriel is very sensitive and protective towards Eve where as he is cruel to others. However, Eve (as Rory) began teaching him to love and feel emotion again.

Gabriel's goal was intially to kill the Men of Eden and kill Adam, along with the rest of the world for hurting Eve, eventually using Adam's power to bring Eve back to life so that they could be together for all eternity. This does not last as he eventually discovers thst Rory is Eve all this time. Some say his relationship with Eve is toxic, but his relationship with Rory is healthy, even though Rory and Eve are the same person.

They eventually have two children together despite the difficulties their relationship faced for years.

Grace Blackshear[]

Like the many others, Gabriel is one of the people she develops a crush on (two others being Oliver and Rory). She initially only sees him as a beautiful man, but is quickly caught off guard when she begins to see his sadistic nature. The two begin to clash as she is unable to deal with Gabriel's rude, arrogant, and dangerous personality. However, despite clashing, they make an excellent team. Gabriel is apathetic to her and does not appreciate her ignorance of the modern world, but will keep her around because of her usefulness.

The ADAM Core[]

The Silverciels have been known to be Adam's enemies, so Adam personally antagonizes Gabriel due to knowledge of his true title.

Alyssa Hart[]

Gabriel's relationship to Alyssa is complicated. He feels in debt to her while she is extremely attached  to him, almost obsessively. The two met in Beckinghamshire when he was still a part of the facility. When Gabriel gets in trouble with Oliver and Eric for trying to escape the facility, Alyssa lies to Gabriel, saying that she used her status as a noblewoman to get him out of trouble, when in truth, it was Angela who took the punishment for him, and Eve who convinced the higher-ups to dismiss their delinquency. Because of this lie, he befriends her in hopes of returning the debt. However, she convinces him to start a relationship with her, much to Angela and Eve's dismay. After the Fall of The Eve Project, Gabriel and Alyssa meet again in Chevalier while Gabriel was with Train Steinway. They start up a purely physical relationship due to Gabriel's psychopathic personality. Alyssa, on the other hand, continued to have a one-sided infatuation for him.

Later, their relationship faces dilemmas when Gabriel starts to get closer to Eve, and when he states that Eve is more important to him than anyone (partly due to her role as ADAM's Vessel). Eventually after a string of lies on Alyssa's part, Gabriel discovers her dishonesty and breaks relations with her. Through her connections to The Men of Eden, she then attempts to take revenge on Angela and Eve.



  • Hobbies include going down to the 3th/4th district to engage in street brawls, locking himself up in his room, and daydreaming/sleeping, peeping under Eve's skirt, and arguing with her.
  • Hates spicy foods because it reminds him of the scientist's experimentation in the past. Instead, his favorite foods consist of strawberries and sweets.
  • Hates needles, scalpels, or any surgeon tools due to the past torture.
  • Each time his emotions become stirred, he begins to bleed from his left eye socket, where the right eye is missing, which is why he consistently has to use bandages rather than an ordinary eye patch.
  • Even though Eric and Gabriel are parnters, and trust each other, the true reason why Eric keeps Gabriel around is because he intends to keep his madness in check, as Eric believes that if Gabriel were to snap, he would be capable of destroying the world in his demon form. This is also the reason why Uriel seeks to make an alliance with Gabriel.
  • Is the character known for having a large string of romantic relationships. He is often seen as a playboy. Even though he flirts and plays around with girls, he does not sleep with them.
  • He has the most foul mouth out of all the characters even though he was initially a gentleman. He will make vulgar jokes, while making innuendos every now and then. He also calls others by rude names.
  • Although many think he is/has been in love with Eve, in reality, he merely has a morbid obsession for her. His wardrobe unconsciously consists of white clothes because it reminds him of little Eve's white dresses.
  • He does not know that he is the true heir to the throne, all he knows is that he's related to the Silverciels (because of his placement into the facility, he assumes that he was someone's bastard son).
  • The only people who know that Gabriel assaulted and killed Eve was ADAM, Eve (after she receives her memories again), Clyde (who witnessed it), Angela (who Gabriel eventually told), and Eric (who found out later on).