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Grace Blackshear
Vital statistics
Character name Sofia Grace Blackshear, Goes by Grace
Birthplace Scarborough
Place of Origin The Future, The Blackshear Tunnels
Birthdate April 18, XX937 (Aries)

19 (beginning, in her era),

Not yet born in present time

Height & Weight

5'11", 63 kg


East Asian/Romani

Half Human, Half Viciss

Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Weapon Bow&Arrow, Short Dagger
Type/Element Beast Type/Fire

Local Freelancer


The Freelancer Guild 


Blackshear Crime Family

Position Primary Protagonist
Rank No Rank
Personal Status
Relatives Uriel Blackshear (Father), Peter Blackshear


She was born in Scarborough in XX937. Her mother, who was initially a courtesan of Marie Mulligen's brothel, fled the 3rd district after the genocide at the Irish settlement. Her mother remained in Scarborough, but then relocated to the Blackshear tunnels after Grace's birth with the gypsies of Scarborough when Scarborough became infested with swarms of Vicissitudes. As a resident of the Blackshear family, she and her mother take on the Blackshear surname, just as everyone in the Blackshear tunnel does.

At the age of 50, when most humans were exterminated through the use of the ADAM core, Uriel Blackshear found a Spanish woman to bear his child, Sofia Grace Blackshear. Upon her birth, Uriel saw that she was merely a girl and found no use for her, since his only need was for a male heir. Uriel abandoned Grace and her mother, where her mother raised her among the last few human tribes that survived the extermination. By the time she turned 18, the tribes were attacked by a great number of Vicissitudes . Along with her mother, the tribes were wiped out, and Grace was left alone. Through these events, she swore to take down her father. After much difficulty, Grace made her way up to the top layer of the Grand Cyma , which was infested with Vicissitudes, and entered through the Gateway of Eden , where she then pleaded to the dying ADAM core to allow her access to the last of his energy. With it, she traveled back in time, where she found herself amidst bandits in the year XX917. Seeing that she was dressed in primitive clothing, they quickly assumed that she was a savage that snuck into the Grand Cyma. With this in mind, the bandits took her and decided to sell her to a brothel. Upon arriving in the Gambino Ports, Grace escaped from the bandits, eventually running into Eve at the markets.


Grace is characterized by her straight black hair, tan skin, and her oriental appearance. Due to her life as a primitive being, she was extremely underweight, and appears almost skeletal until she began living with Eve and Raphael , where she was able to gain proper nutrition. She is easily identified due to her tall slim figure, which is uncommon for women at that time. Majority of the time, she is usually seen with a bright smile.

A teenage Grace in her regular outfit before meeting Eve.

She is typically seen wearing purple, her mother's favorite color. Her primary outfit consists of tribal clothing. She wears a long purple silk cloth, similar to a sari, but is tied together at her right shoulder and her left hip. Underneath the cloth shows a white wrap that covers from her chest to her hips. She wears cowhide boots that is attached with wolf fur. With this outfit, she wears multiple beaded accessories, such as her large tribal necklace, or her tribal braces. She also wears accessorized clothes all along her arms. She ties her hair into a high ponytail, with large orbs attached to the very end. She wears this outfit during battles and during informal occasions.

Grace's alternative outfit is a purple Irish dance dress which was lent to her by Eve upon her first arrival. It is neatly decorated with celtic embroidery on front, while the back is weaved together with a string. Inside she wears a white tank top. Along with the dress, she wears black above-the-knee high boots and a black sash. She wears this outfit during battles, or during their adventuring.

Her second alternate outfit is a simple black vest-dress with a white puffy blouse, along with a black ribbon, above-the-knee white stockings, and black heeled dress shoes. She wears this outfit during formal occasions.


Grace is an ESFP. As previously mentioned, Grace is usually seen with a bright smile. Despite all the hard times she's been through, Grace was taught at a young age by her mother to always hold her head up high. She is generally very open, and has a difficult time keeping her origins a secret from Eve and Raphael, especially because she's always speaking her mind. Her honesty is very blunt, almost to a fault. She has a tendency to ignore other's opinions, and only follows her own, partially because of the environment in which she lived in called for her to trust no one. Because she grew up in a primitive life, she lacks proper intelligence and is unable to read. The only thing she is good at is life in the desolate lands, therefore, she has a difficult time adjusting to life in the Grand Cyma, where the intellect is much different from. What is needed in primitive life.

Grace is also known for having a dark sadistic side that is usually revealed when she is angry. Because of this, she loses control of her emotions and explodes in rage, enough to scare both Eve and Raphael.

Grace mentions that she prefers men who are weaker than herself and who are willing to lower themselves before her, which also shows her sadistic side.

People with the "Blackshear" surname are symbolized by spiders.

Grace, at age 21. Her skin tone has become paler after she began living in the Irish settlement, which was always shrouded by the second district

Strength and Abilities[]


Grace, like many other Viciss, have incredible strength, but her strength is not at the same level of a Typical Viciss.



Uriel Blackshear[]

Eve Steinway[]

Raphael Witherspoon[]

Marie Mulligen[]

Annabel Castillo[]



  • She is the primary protagonist, and most of the story is in her point of view.
  • Although she came from the future, she gets along well with all the Children of Eden, more so than Eve, because she has Viciss blood in her.
  • The one other she cannot get along with is Gabriel
  • She is technically the youngest member of the group because she was born in the future.
  • Grace does not know that her mother is actually a young Courtesan in Marie's brothel. She could not recognize her because she was always wearing make up.
  • She is dedicated to making Eve more feminine, and takes every opportunity to get her into a dress.
  • ADAM enjoys bantering with Grace and has taken a liking for her. He even considered abandoning Eve to make Grace his Vessel, but was not able to when Grace rejected that idea.
  • Even though she hates Gabriel, she is a huge shipper of Eve and Gabriel's relationship even though they never had any real romantic feelings.