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Levi Silverciel
Vital statistics
Character name Levi Pierre Silverciel
Birthplace Northern Border
Place of Origin Alder Castle
Birthdate Febuary 29, XX875
Age 40(beginning), 45 (end)
Height & Weight 6'3", 70 kg
Race/Species French

Human body

Gender Male
Hair Color Grey-Brown
Eye Color Green
Weapon Sword
Main Element none
Occupation Exiled King

Children of EDEN, ADAM Core, The McAlastar Crime FamilyThe Northern Rangers, The Silverciel Family

Clan Silverciel
Rank King
Position Support Character
Personal Status

Sophiria Silverciel (wife), Claire Silverciel (surrgotted son), Gabriel (stillborn son), Landen and Lucille (Grandchildren)Angela Bouvier (future daughter-in-law), Eve Steinway



Like other pure-blooded Silverciels, he has a light shade of brown-grey hair, light skin, and bright green eyes. As a youth, his hair was parted right, and was about the length of Gabriel's hair, except less messy. He has been hailed for being exceptionally handsome, to the point where all the women fawned over him and the men admired him (with his personality contributing to their favor). He is usually seen wearing light-colored clothing.

In his later years, he begins to sport light facial hair, claiming that it made him feel cool. His hair is combed back with several strands still falling over his forehead.


Strength and Abilities[]


Sophiria Silverciel (nee Bouvier)[]

They first meet when Sophiria was following Train Steinway, her fiance, around the city. They start off poorly, as Sophiria's uptight personality greatly clashed with Levi's playboy personality. As he is her senior, she shows him respect regardless of his personality.Levi began to fancy Sophiria despite her sour personality, as he sees her genuine honesty and pure heart. After Sophiria and Train break their engagement, Levi takes the opportunity to court her. The two wed later on, but trouble in their marriage occurs when Sophiria is unable to bear him any children. After her final pregnancy ended with a stillborn child (Gabriel), Sophiria attempts to take her own life, only to be saved by Levi, who professed his unconditional love for her despite the lack of children. Although Sophiria is still bitter and scarred over her lack of fertility, their marriage remains strong in the years after.



  • Gabriel got his promiscuous and playful personality from Levi, but his gentle and serious personality from Sophiria.
  • Levi was a well-known playboy in his days, but after meeting Sophiria, he gave up those habits.
  • Even though Sophiria was considered "ugly" and unlikable in the past, he loves her dearly nonetheless. Many people questioned why he chose to love someone as unlikable as her.
  • Levi is fond of Eve and Grace because they are extremely gullible. He enjoys bullying them, a trait he shares with Gabriel.