Lillie Steinway
Vital statistics
Character name Lillie Ann Steinway
Birthplace The Steinway Manor
Place of Origin The Steinway Manor
Birthdate Febuary 14, XX901
Age 14 (beginning), 19 (end)
Height & Weight 5'4", 30 kg
Race/Species German (paternal), Scottish (Maternal)
Gender Female
Hair Color Lighter Red
Eye Color Purple
Weapon None
Main Element None
Occupation Princess
Affiliation The Freelancer 

Guild, The Steinway Family

Clan The Steinway Family
Rank Princess
Position Support Character
Personal Status

Admiral Steinway (Father), Isobel Steinway (mother)Train Steinway ( Uncle), Vergil Steinway (Aunt), Eve Steinway (Cousin), Eric Waters  ( cousin)

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