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Characters from the story ADAM: Heart of Blood were created by Sushi Master Productions.

(From Left) Uriel, Felix, Eve, Oliver, Grace, Gabriel, Eric

Creation and Concept[]

The characters were initially created from the original prototype called Heart of Blood, where Eve Steinway was considered the original primary protagonist.  Some of the characters take up names of individuals from the bible. Although the characters initially had no connection whatsoever, the author eventually gave into that idea and ran off the concept of the story of Genesis and incorporated ideas into the actual story. The story is generally episodic until a serious arc comes about.

"The original prototype was set in a medieval universe, with the cast consisting of vampires, werewolves, dragons, fairies, and all other mythical creatures. Eve Steinway was a girl who was turned into a vampire after Gabriel killed her parents. She then went on to being a general of Admiral Steinway, her uncle, and his kingdom. She then meets Grace, a female werewolf who is after her evil father to avenge her mother. The story then consists of the two working together to uncover the secrets of their parent's death, what Uriel and Gabriel's intentions are, as well as the secrets of the Steinway kingdom. With their prying, they eventually trigger a war between humans and mythical creatures."

Prototype image of Major characters


Main article: The ADAM Core''

The titular as well as main focal character. More information can be found in Story Concepts. He is mysterious, but known throughout the world, and is even worshipped by the people.



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The protagonist of part 1, and the male protagonist in part 2, and one of the Children of Eden. The nickname given to him by Eve is Oliver. Oliver initially appears to be a smart-mouthed and arrogant boy who doesn't like to get his hands dirty. He, unlike all the other children of the EVE project, was very passive when it came to their existence and did not question the authority of the Men of Eden. He is a natural leader, but lacks the confidence to find his ground in society. Unlike the other children of the EVE project, Oliver was the only one who truly protected Eve when it came down to the end of the EVE Project, showing that he had the strongest resolve and mental energy. After the Fall of the EVE Project, he was no longer carefree, and instead became constantly paranoid. He acts as Eve's guardian due to their age difference and often gets into childish feuds with her, although they sincerely care and look out for one another. Oliver is the group's dragoon and mage; he uses all sorts of magic, including black, white, blue, and red magic.

Grace Blackshear

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The Primary protagonist of part 2. Grace was the child of one of the experiments of the The EVE Project, Uriel Blackshear, which made her half Viciss and half human. She originally came from a desolate future, where her father had completely obliterated life in her world (the future went from a cyber/steampunk era to a prmitive civilization of hunters/gatherers, thus her main weapon is a bow). In order to change that fate, she went back to the past by using the remaining power of The ADAM Core  (which has lost almost all of its power due to the abuse that Grace's father has done on it) in hopes of killing her father, even if it meant never being born. However, she runs into various mishaps which eventually led to her meeting with Eve and Oliver From adventuring with them, without revealing to them of her mission or origins, she eventually grew a strong bond with the two and forgot the reason for her being in the past, until disaster finally hit. Grace is known to always be cheerful and positive despite the hard times. She is very opened and tends to speak her mind honestly, sometimes to a fault. She unconsciously has a sadistic side to her that only shows when she's angry, a side that both Oliver and Eve fear. Her full name is Sofia Grace Blackshear. She is the group's mid-range hunter, using a bow and arrow and daggers for short range.

Eve Steinway

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One of the focal characters in the series. She is the current Vessel and also the only one with a supernatural connection to The ADAM Core  The new persona that she goes as is a boy named Rory an Dusk Farraige, due to the pursuit of the Men of Eden and the Steinway family. Eve was the human child with the nucleus of the ADAM core embedded into her body, located at the heart. In the facility of the EVE project where she was prohibited interaction with others, she was naive, curious, and cheerful, but upon entering the real world where she learn of all the hardships, she became cynical, harsh, and comically arrogant. Her full names is Evelyn Rose Steinway, and she acts as the group's tinkerer (mechanic, chemist, engineer, and inventor), long-range gunner, and sniper.

Felix Zhu

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Felix is one of the main support characters. He was one of the Prefects in the Boarding School-designed EVE project, and one of the older children. Although he is also a Vicissitude Soul, he was created solely for the purpose of serving Eve back in the facility. Completely stoic by nature, Felix is Eve's loyal and silent servant. He keeps his comments to himself, even though he finds much to criticize. After the fall of the EVE project, Felix disappears along with other children. However, after several years, he finds Eve and Oliver in the Irish Slums and retains his loyalty to Eve, because of his connection to the Steinway Family. The only people he speaks with are his superiors, Oliver, and sometimes Eve (when he's teaching her something). Further on into the story, Felix begins to show empathy despite his lack of human characteristics, particularly his fondness for Marie Mulligen, Eve and Oliver's benefactor, which this fondness eventually develops into love. His new feelings play a huge part in his development, as empathy is something he does not understand. He is the group's close-range fighter, and will often carry out most of the missions that require stealth.


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Oscar (Oz for short) is Eve Steinway's pet wolf, named after a famous English writer. He was a gift from ADAM to give her company when she was kept in her quarters. Oz was the runt of King Admiral Steinway's pet wolf named Shura. Despite being a wolf, he is an extremely valuable member of the party, as he acts as both a tracker and scout. He is extremely intelligent and will often warn the party of danger. He and Felix have a particular way of communicating, allowing Oscar to fully communicate with him. As he is a particular breed, he is the size of a horse, allowing Eve to ride him.

Lillie Anne Steinway

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Lillie is one of the main support characters and a semi-focal character in part 2. While she may not have much involvement in the earlier events of the story, her position as Princess of Alder makes her an extremely important figure. She first is introduced when Oliver and Grace go to the new Steinway manor for a job. There, she befriends Eve (Dusk), who temporarily saves her from an arranged marriage. Even though she is a main character, she is only a temporary party member. 

Lillie is the daughter of Admiral Steinway, making her, Eve, and Eric all first cousins. She is naive, similar to how Eve was naive as a child, but because of the way she was raised, she is reserved and lacks the ability to express herself, so she comes off as stoic. All her life, she had been sheltered by her overbearing parents. Entering into the real world, she becomes a fast learner. While she initially is clumsy and unable to do anything particularly useful, she becomes the medic of the party after Oliver teaches her white magic.

Pierre (Peter Crawley)

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Pierre is one of the main support characters. As a young child from the Eden Facility, he utterly admired the older students, particularly Oliver to the point where he would follow him around the way Eve followed Gabriel. Because of this, he was often bullied by others and scorned by Oliver. He and Eve became best friends because of their similar situation as the youngest pair. He was tortured to the point of madness, and later conditioned by the Men of Eden to blame all of the Children of Eden, especially Oliver. He appears later in part 2, putting on a fake mask to join the party as a spy for the Men of Eden. HIs loyalty for the Men of Eden is shaken when he realizes how much he has come to care for his old friends and the new ones he has made. He is now one of their most valuable and loyal friends. Pierre is the group's tank, and with a scythe, easily can cut through an army. He also has the ability to raise dead corpses, due to the Men of Eden's experiments with his skills in dark magic.

Edmund Mulligen

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Edmund is one of the main support characters, although he prefers to act in support rather than directly. He is the father of Marie Mulligen, Oliver and Eve's benefactor, and was an infamous sniper from the McAlastar family. He retires after finding his long lost daughter and settled in the Irish slums down the street from her brothel, doubling as a member of the McAlastar's underground intelligence network. He is a harsh old man who will scold the youngsters for being foolish, but he guides them all especially in times of distress. As he is a renown McAlastar marksman, he teaches Eve all he knows about guns and becomes her teacher in the subject. Like Eric, he is often seen with birds which are used to communicate throught the underground network. He is the group's primary gunner and prefers to fight mid-range, where as Eve fights long-range.


The White Circus[]

Erik "Eric Waters" Steinway "Black Knight"

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The elder brother of Eve, Eric is one of the main neutral antagonists in the series. He formed the White Circus, a group dedicated to destroying the ADAM Core, believing it will reset the world's composition. He is believed to be the first child of Train and Vergil, whom they said to have conceived him in secret when they were 16 and unmarried, making him a bastard child in the eyes of the Steinway family (thus, they had him named "Waters", being born by in Port Gambino). As the "older brother", it was his job to take care of EVE, but due to the events that led to the collapse of the Steinway order, he is now the leader of the White Circus. He is antisocial (possibly autistic), and is described as a man of many sorrows. He blamed ADAM for destroying everything he loves, and himself for failing to save Eve (whom he and everyone else believes to be dead). It is later revealed that he is actually Eve's cousin rather than her brother. He, like Eve, is a gunner.

Gabriel "White Knight"

Main article: Gabriel''

One of the neutral antagonists in the series and is also later on a focal character. Typically a gentlemen by nature, he was admired by all the girls and hated by all the boys due to his good looks and talents. In the facility, he was very soft-spoken but not timid. Despite being wise for his age, he is typically passive, but when it's his time to act, he takes the lead in most situations. Gabriel comes to have the most complex personality later on. In the facility, he is the first of the students to truly question their existence, but was often kept quiet by the Men of Eden through torture. In Part 2, his poor mental state has given him a more twisted personality. He has psychopathic and sadistic tendencies due to Uriel's manipulation and the torture he experienced from the Men of Eden. Yet despite all of these personalities he seems to reflect, he is scarred and desired only to be loved by the people he loves. He, as well as the others, join Eric in forming the White Circus for Children of Eden who have been abandoned by society. Eric keeps Gabriel locked up in seclusion to protect others from him. His real name is Adrian Claire Silverciel, crown prince, and the heir to the Silverciel throne (which he is ignorant of).

Liam Ramsey Fallwind

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Ramsey, nicknamed Liam Rei by everyone he comes across, is one of the supporting neutral antagonists of the series. Although he is also a Child of Eden, he lived in the Solar dorm, and therefore never knew the other until he joined the tournament and was teamed with them. He is characterized by playful personality, careless attitude, and acute distrust in women, even though he is seen teasing them all the time. Upon meeting Grace and Eve (who was acting as the boy Dusk at the time), he becomes interested in them and their unusual personalities.

"Drew" Andrew Reid

Main article: Drew''

A supporting neutral character, Drew is characterized as a carefree delinquent. As he is older than the other Children of Eden, he was always seen as the "cool fun-loving older brother" figure. Eve was especially fond of him because of his attitude, as well as his red hair, because it was a similar color to her's. He is best friends with Clyde despite their clashing personalities, and has always had fun teasing the younger kids, specifically Oliver, back in the facility. Drew has a serious side to him in necessary times, and is able to read people easily.

Jean Clyde

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A supporting neutral character, Clyde has been described to be serious all the time. His first name is Jean, but everyone calls him by his surname. He is the same age as Uriel, and therefore takes care of all the little ones (specifically Oliver, Gabriel, Annabel, Angela, Pierre, and Micol), scolding them for their mistakes, and protecting them when troubles arise. Everyone is fond of Clyde because his large size and serious personality clashed with his gentleness with children. He is especially careful and protective over Gabriel because of Gabriel's mental problems. He is a valuable mentor to all the others.

Angela Bouvier

Main article: Angela Bouvier''

Angela is one of the supporting neutral character of the series, a member of the Bouvier family, and also one of the Children of Eden. She is known for her fiery and haughty personality. She becomes a part of The White Circus primarily because she fell in love with Gabriel and swore her allegiance to him. She often sees Eve as a rival for Gabriel's affection and antagonizes her when she sees how Gabriel cares for her. Despite her obvious dislike for Eve, the two have many similarities in personality and preferences. She is surprisingly both intelligent and skilled, despite her personality making her seem less so. Angela is also known for being very judgmental and pessimistic, but embodies an unconditional love.

Serena Song

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A supporting neutral character, Serena was a Child of Eden who was from the Solar dorm like Liam Rei. She was saved from the cruelty of the townspeople after the fall of the EVE project by Eric Waters, where the two eventually fell in love. She has a very bubbly personality, and has a fondness for dresses. Her dream is to become a dress designer, and after meeting Eve, she dotes on her like a little sister, and forces her to wear cute dresses.

Blackshear Rebellion[]

Uriel Blackshear

Main article: Uriel Blackshear''

Uriel is one of the primary antagonists of the series, he is the father of Grace. As an older child in the Eden facility, he did not fit in as well as others. Although he was seemingly gentle, he masked an evil that would activate like a time bomb. He and Gabriel are very similar in personality due to their demon types. He is cruel, manipulative, sadistic, and a mastermind. Unlike Gabriel, he feels no remorse for his crimes, and believes in torturous punishment.

Micol "Castillo"

Main article: Micol Castillo''

Micol is one of the main supporting protagonists. He was one of the children of the EVE project. Micol, #97, was good friends with Oliver and Annabel. However, after Annabel's death, he is stricken with grief and goes down a dark path as he is manipulated by Micol, who promises that Adam will bring Annabel back to life.


Main article: Micol Castillo''

Maya is the leader of the gypsies of Scarbrorough.

Men of Eden[]

Grand Duke Wilhelm Kaiser

Main article: Kaiser''

A primary antagonist, Wilhelm Kaiser is the Grand Duke of a once powerful German family, the Kaisers (the mother family of all German families). During the Cyma War, it was through him that the Royal House of Silverciel fell from the throne. However, after the war in XX865, the Kaisers lost power through the treaty formed by the ADAM Core. In order to rebuild his name, Wilhelm Kaiser created the EVE Project, which he planned to use to build up an army and take over the world. Although considered to be truly evil and vile, he is well respected among all nobles due to his strong leadership abilities. He is a distance granduncle of Admiral and Train Steinway.

Viscount Jacques Leblanc

Main article: Leblanc''

Jacques Leblanc is the Viscount of the Leblanc family, the second most powerful French family who served under the Royal family before the war. An intelligent and seemingly righteous man, many question the reason as to why he joined the Men of Eden as he does not care for Kaiser's goals. He is often very carefree, and from time to time, allows Grace and company to escape for unknown reasons. The possible reason as to why he is a Man of Eden is because of the loss of his wife, whom he loved dearly. After hearing that ADAM has brought Eve back to life before, his aim is to use Eve to have ADAM resurrect his wife. He is highly favored among citizens and nobles. He runs Chevalier and Monticello, and is strangely on good terms with Levi Silverciel, the current rightful King of the Silverciel Royal Family.

Baron Sludge Campbell

Main article: Campbell''

Sludge Campbell is the Baron of the Campbell family. He bought his way into the Hierarchy and had his brother Alexander Campbell, the rightful heir, assassinated during the fall of the EVE Project (Alexander had opposed the EVE Project, which Sludge used as an opportunity to turn against him). Because he was never supposed to be ranked as a baron, he is highly snobbish and arrogant, constantly boasting about his rank. However, he is also very insecure, because he constantly fears someone will take away all of his riches, which leads him to quickly jump to irrational conclusions. Campbell runs the corrupted city of Beckinghamshire. Under his rule, many of the citizens have lost their riches and became commoners. He is ranked the least popular politician by the people.

Elizabeth Crawley

Main article: Elizabeth Crawley''

An antagonist in part 1 and 2. She was an instructor at the Eden facility and is the mother of Peter Crawley. She was greatly admired and loved by all the students, but her true character is a mad woman who will sacrifice lives for the sake of science. She has been well known for her inhumane methods of torture, as she had even tortured and killed her own son. Her goal is to become revolutionary in the world of science as a woman.

Professor Lloyd

Main article: Professor Lloyd''

A mad scientist responsible for all the experiments that took place under the Men of Eden.

Alder: Admiral Steinway's Reign[]

Admiral Steinway

Main article: Admiral Steinway''

One of the focal antagonists, his positions in the story is often questioned and he lives by good morals in bad methods. He is the older brother of Train Steinway and uncle to Eve and Eric. He understands his position as a king who has stolen the crown, that the methods of the Men of Eden are corrupted, and he knows how he is hated by many, but he chose to walk the path because of his desire to protect the Steinway family and free them from the bond to Adam, as this bond is what has caused the downfall of his family.

Isobel Steinway (nee Flemings)

Main article: Isobel Flemings''

The wife of Admiral and mother of Lillie Anne, making her the queen of Alder. She is a harsh and cynical woman who uses her bitterness to gain power.

Prince Morgan XIV

Main article: Morgan XIV''

The nephew of Baron Campbell and Admiral's intended heir to the kingdom of Alder. His father, Alexander Campbell, was the lord of House Campbell before he was assassinated by Baron, his own brother.

Alder: Admiral Steinway's Army[]

Durant Russel

Main article: Durant Russel''

Originally a sadistic criminal and prisoner, he becomes the head of Prince Morgan's kingsguard.

Ivan (#9)

Main article: Durant Russel''

Originally a sadistic criminal and prisoner, he becomes the head of Prince Morgan's kingsguard.

Morray (#12)

Main article: Durant Russel''

Originally a sadistic criminal and prisoner, he becomes the head of Prince Morgan's kingsguard.

Alaba (#55)

Main article: Durant Russel''

Originally a sadistic criminal and prisoner, he becomes the head of Prince Morgan's kingsguard.

Gladius (#80)

Main article: Durant Russel''

Originally a sadistic criminal and prisoner, he becomes the head of Prince Morgan's kingsguard.

Supporting Characters[]

Marie Mulligen

Main article: Marie Mulligen''

Flynn McAlastar

Main article: Flynn McAlastar''

The current head of the McAlastar crime family and the maternal cousin of Eric and Eve. 


Main article: Ronan''

Flynn's right hand and helps him run the McAlastar family. His serious personality contrasts with Flynn's, who tends to fool around.

Train Steinway

Main article: Train Steinway''

Abe Tucker

Main article: Abe Tucker''

A member of the freelancer guild and Train's group of bandits. 

Alphonso Giovanni Castillo

Main article: Alphonso Giovanni Castillo''

The head of the Castillo family and the biological grandfather of Anabel.

Levi Silverciel

Main article: Levi Silverciel''

Sophiria Silverciel

Main article: Sophiria Silverciel''

Claude Silverciel

Main article: Claude Silverciel''

His full name is Julien Claude Silverciel. 


Main article: Lafayette''

A servant of House Silverciel.

Rein Witherspoon

Main article: Rein Witherspoon''

Northern Rangers[]

Men loyal to House Silverciel, the true royal house of Alder.

Ignus Leonov

Main article: Ignus Leonov''

Helina's paramour, Ignus started out as a street rat who was banished from the Grand Cyma for his thefts. He was then picked up by Oric Kramar of the North, and he became a recruit for the rangers. As a recruit, he was frequently sent on errands to different locations, including the Grand Cyma, where he met Helina. They fell in love at an early age and he visited her frequently. When Oric discovered their relationship, kept them from seeing each other, due to their different statuses.

Eventually, he hears that she had been sentenced to death due to her refusal to become the next Vessel, and with Oric's help, makes an effort to rescue her. She receives severe injuries and loses her memories.

Eventually, they are able to fall in love again, and together they become rangers of the North.

Helina Leonov (Helina Rose Steinway)

Main article: Helina Leonov''
Admiral and Train's younger sister who was originally intended to be Adam's Vessel. The Steinway eventually discarded her due to refusal to become the next Vessel. To protect his sister, Train convinced Adam to make him the Vessel in her place. However, this causes the Steinway elders to call for her execution, as it is a crime to refuse Adam. Her death was one of the many reasons for Admiral's growing disdain for Train.
It is later revealed that the reason why she had refused to become the Vessel was because she was pregnant with Ignus's child (who had no knowledge of). The child is later revealed to be Eric (making him Eve's cousin rather than her biological brother). With Train's help, she had gone into hiding, where Vergil helped to deliver Eric. However, the Steinway family found her and she was to be executed, leaving Eric with Vergil and Train, who then adopted him, believing that Helina was killed.
Rather than being executed, she again managed to escape death with the help of Oric Kramar, Ignus's mentor, but she loses her memories due to the injuries she sustains from the escape, forgetting everyone including her family and Ignus.

Luka Blotsky (Lukas Steinway)

Main article: Luka Blotsky''

Nikolai Kautsky

Main article: Nikolai Kautsky''

Oric Kramar

Main article: Oric Kramar''


Lucille (Luci)

Main article: Lucille''

The girl twin who came to Grace from the future.

Landen (Len)

Main article: Landen''

The boy twin who came to Grace from the future.

Alyssa Hart

Main article: Alyssa Hart''

Alyssa is a minor character in the series and also acts as a foil to Eve's character. Alyssa is the daughter of a rich merchant, but lives her life at the commoner's level. She first meets Gabriel during the Children of Eden's weekend outing to Beckinghamshire (weekend trips in which the "students" are given permission to go to a different city/town each week). She and Angela are bitter enemies for Gabriel's affection.

Annabel Castillo

Main article: Annabel Castillo''

Annabel is one of the main supporting characters in part 1. She was one of the younger children of the EVE project. Annabel was the only Child of Eden who could not fully incubate in the tubes, causing her to have stronger Vicissitude attributes (wings and glowing eyes). This led to the destruction of her mind and the control she had over her madness. She is accidentally killed in part 1 by Oliver, who continues to be haunted with guilt. Like Pierre, she is artificially resurrected, but unlike Pierre, her soul is shattered, and so she is in a vegetable state.

Vergil Steinway/McAlastar

Main article: Vergil Steinway''

Celine Campbell

Main article: Celine Campbell''

The daughter of Baron Campbell. She is naive and ignorant of her father's treachery.


Main article: Heimlich''

The 3rd district's drop-off operator.

Mae, Alex,