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Micol Castillo
Vital statistics
Character name "Micol" Micheal Castillo, #87

The Blackshear Underground Tunnels

, reborn in The EDEN Facility

Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate May 9, XX898
Age 17 (beginning), 23 (end)
Height & Weight 5'7", 69 kg
Race/Species Spanish

Human body, Viciss

Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Yellow
Weapon Large Broadsword
Main Type Ogre
Occupation Initially wander, later the new boss of the Castillo Family

Children of EDEN , ADAM Core , The Castillo Crime Family, The Blackshear Crime Family

Clan The Castillo Family (not blood related)
Rank Boss
Position Main Support Character
Personal Status
Relatives No Direct Family, Annabel Castillo (secret love)


Micol came from a poverty-ridden family, where they were unable to sustain themselves even in the third district. Because of this, they were forced into the under ground tunnels. He died when he was only a few months old after his father killed the entire family because he had no way of providing for the family. An old tribal woman found his dead both and sold it to the Men of Eden, where they entered him into the EVE project.


Micol is characterized by his short brown hair and his sharp, yet bored golden eyes. He, being one of the youngest members of the group, is smaller in frame, but equally as muscular. He usually wears a black cloak and carries around a giant broad sword.


As he is the youngest boy, he is very desperate to prove himself to others, making him both overly competitive and also serious. He greatly admires all the older kids in the facility, such as Uriel, Felix, Clyde, and Drew. Regardless of his serious personality, he is very gentle to those he cares for, especially Annabel.

Strength and Abilities[]

Despite being smaller, he is actually the second strongest Viciss in terms of brute strength (first being Clyde). He is able to carry Clyde, Drew, Raphael, Gabriel, Annabel, Eve, Angela, and Felix all at the same time when they were still in the facility. He was also close to beating Gabriel in a sword match, where as both Clyde and Drew lost to him in an instant. This is all because his small size allows him to be faster than Clyde, who is larger and heavier. The reason why he lost to Gabriel is because of Gabriel's incredible speed and ability to inflict multiple attacks on his opponent.