ADAM: Heart of Blood Wiki
Vital statistics
Character name Oliver Real Name Surname: Witherspoon, #27
Birthplace Beckinghamshire , reborn in The EDEN Facility
Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate January 5, XX895 (Capricorn)
Age 11 (Part 1), 20 (Part 2)
Height & Weight 6'3", 72 kg
Race/Species English

Human body, Viciss

Gender Male
Hair Color Brown, dyed Blond
Eye Color Blue
Weapon Magic, Lance (also used as a staff)
Vicissitude Type/Element Orc/Water, Various

Jackal's dragoon and mage


Children of EDEN , ADAM Core , Jackal, The Freelancer Guild,



Rank No Rank
Position Primary Male Protagonist
Personal Status

Rein Witherspoon (Biological sister)


Before Rebirth[]

The Oliver's human body was born to an English couple, in Beckinghamshire , in the year XX895. Their family was middle class, yet they were not wealthy enough to afford health care. Because of this, the Witherspoon boy was born highly ill. Distressed, the couple and their only daughter, Rein Witherspoon , went in search of a witch doctor who would help them save his life. However, it was too late, as he died just a few days after his birth. It was then that Rein ran into Admiral Steinway, who told her that he could bring him back to life with the help of The ADAM Core. In return, he had the family promise him to allow the child to be part of a large experiment. With no other choice, the family agreed. However, it later turned out that the Men of Eden instead inserted a Vicissitude Soul into the corpse, meaning that he was no longer a normal human. In horror, the couple quickly rejected the child, claiming that it was a monster. From then on, the Men of Eden took him into The EDEN Facility, and began raising him there along with all the other  Children of Eden.

The EDEN Facility[]

After 6 years incubating inside of the filtering chambers, Oliver along with the Vicissitude Souls of his age-range awakened to the life of a Child of Eden, where they were conditioned to believe that they were being brought up in a Boarding School (the EDEN Facility), and that their families were sending them their love through letters, when in truth, they were merely a part of the The EVE Project. There, they lived isolated from the real world. Everyday, they followed a simple schedule; wake up, eat, study, free time in the courtyards, physical training, and daily examinations from the scientists. Despite being perceptive, he chooses not to question his existence and goes along the motions. In the year XX906, Oliver and the other Children meet the six year old Eve Steinway for the first time. She had escaped from her living quarters after her brother Eric was chased away for attempting to free her, where she descended to the lower floors and came upon all the Children of Eden. Upon their meeting in the Lunar dorm, Eve gives them all nicknames that they eventually come to cherish. 


Oliver is a tall, masculine young man with an average build due to the fact that he focuses all his ability into magic rather than strength. He initially has a deep chocolate-brown hair color, but dyes it blonde with the intention of changing his identity after Marie Mulligen takes him and Eve in.




Oliver is an ESTJ with ENTJ qualities. In the facility, Oliver was considered a "class clown" kind of person. He skipped out on classes he didn't enjoy, and was often looked down upon by the older students. He was often teased by Drew and belittled by Uriel and Felix. However, he still had admiration for each of them. After he met Eve, she made him realize that it was impossible to hide his true concerns. He continues to bare a false happiness despite the emptiness he felt and the questions that the Children of Eden all had. After seeing Eve's rebellion against the Men of Eden, it reminded him symbolically of his own captivity, and because of it, he was able to come into terms with his resolve. As he saw a higher power in Eve, he eventually finds out about her connection to ADAM, and becomes protective of her because of it.

After the fall of the EVE project, Oliver was forced to grow up and take up the role of Eve's "brother" figure, as well as her protector. Although he retained his annoying jokster personality, he has a serious side to him. He is extremely cautious and suspitious of everyone, which was demonstrated when he first met Grace. His paranoia is caused by the fear of being found by the Men of Eden. His self-righteous personality annoys Felix, as well as his lack of class, which he ends up teaching to Eve (much to Felix's dislike).

He becomes more intuitive when he is forced to take on a leader role.

Strength and Abilities[]

Just like any other Vicissitude, he also has a large amout of strength. However, as it is stated before the story, he was never as strong as the others from the Children of Eden. Instead, he is much more proficient in concentrating his energy to use magic (something he excels in).


The irony of his Vicissitude type is that while he excels in magic and concentration as a human, his Viciss counter part is an Ogre type, which are known for their lack of intelligence, as well as their inability to concentrate nor rationalize.


Eve Steinway: Oliver and Eve are platonic life partners. Oliver is the first person to meet Eve and "befriend" her. He actually did not care for her other than the fact that she was a mysterious girl that might bring answers to all their questions. They have a very strange relationship, as it mostly consists of bantering and insults. However, their trust in each other is greater than anyone could imagine.

Grace Blackshear: They start of very rocky, but as they are forced to work together, they learn to deal with each other's presence. They both respect each other's personal space, but they both will act out if the other person offends. Around Grace, Oliver puts up a cool front, as he does not want to appear helpless before her, while Grace actually doesn't care if he is vulnerable. They both begin to gain an understanding between each other, and while they both begin to develop feelings, they push it all aside for the sake of their goals.

Gabriel: Once roommates, Oliver initially had a one-sided rivalry with Gabriel in the Facility because of Gabriel's talent and popularity and Oliver's lack thereof. They later became close friends after he really learned of Gabriel's struggles and his kind personality.



  • According to ADAM, the only reason why Oliver was protective and cared for Eve was because of her connection to ADAM, and that he did not actually care for her personally.