Serena Song
Vital statistics
Character name Serena Song
Birthplace Unknown, reborn in The EDEN Facility
Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate Febuary 29, XX890
Age 25 (beginning), 30 (end)
Height & Weight 5'8", 45 kg
Race/Species Unknown, Caucasian

Human body, Vicissitude

Gender Female
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Weapon Hammer
Main Type Bucca
Occupation Circus Member

Children of EDEN, ADAM Core, The White


Clan None
Rank No Rank
Position Main Support Antagonist
Personal Status
Relatives No Direct Family 

Eric Waters (Future Fiancé), Eve Steinway

(future sister-in-law), Train Steinway (future 


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Story[edit | edit source]

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