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A small glimpse of what Eden looks like from the gateway.

The dimension in which the ADAM Core resides. The dimension is highly toxic to humans, and entering through the gateway into Eden too often leads to death. This is where the Vessel comes in, where Vessels are able to enter Eden spiritually, without harming their physical bodies. Simply by touching the doors of the gateway will give them spiritual access to Eden. Physically, when regular humans enter through the gateway, Eden is often described as a strange wonderland, where it appears to be filled with bizarre qualities (think Alice in Wonderland). However, Eden's true appearance is a vast icy-blue ocean where wisps roam and with a few small islands surrounding the ADAM Core (which is usually for the Vessels to stand).

The Gateway[]

Located underground at the center of the Steinway Manor, the Gateway is the one and only physical entrance to Eden, and is considered one of the strange wonders of the world. It is guarded by the Steinway family and only the Vessel is allowed to use it. Anyone who physically enters through the gateway to EDEN must pay a valuable toll to gain access to the ADAM Core. In addition to that, every second inside EDEN drains away human life, because souls are what feed EDEN. After overcoming these two factors, people are able to plead with the ADAM Core in order to gain whatever they desire. Depending on what the ADAM Core decides, you must pay another toll to get what you want. For this reason do Vessels exist; not only are they are granted free spiritual access into EDEN through the gateway, but they also are given rights to ask the Core for things without paying a toll, due to the fact that they have already sold their souls to the ADAM Core. Usually, unless they are absolutely desperate, people will not enter the gateway (both Grace Blackshear and Raphael Witherspoon have entered due to desperate measures).

"The Grand Cyma"[]

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The Grand Terminal[]

The Grand Terminal is the largest elevator that connects all the different districts (district refers to the different layers or levels of The Grand Cyma). The Grand terminal runs with airships, and delivers only to the first two districts. The last two districts run on an elevator system.

The First District[]

The Eden Facility[]

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Map of the Grand Cyma

The location in which the EVE Project was carried out, also currently a part of the castle of Alder. The Eden Facility is formatted as a Boarding School, where it consists of dorms, courtyards, and classrooms for the Children of Eden. The dorms are separated into four departments; the Lunar, Solar, Twilight, and Dawn dorms. Closer to the top floor of the castle, the prohibited west wing is Eve's living quarters, where she has a whole floor to herself and where it is generally void of other people.


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The City in which the Eden Facility is located, and also the capital city in which Admiral Steinway now rules many nations. Alder is the only city located at the very top level of the Cyma. Alder once was the kingdom that belonged to the royal house of Silverciel, but eventually got passed around to different leaders.

The Steinway Manor/Residence[]

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Located North of Alder, the Steinway Residence is a small area in which members of the Steinway family reside. It is also the location in which The Gateway to Eden stands.

The Silverciel Manor/Residence[]

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The Second District[]

Chevalier (The White Circus Headquarters)[]

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Chevalier is a rich French City located at the center of the second Level of the Grand Cyma. The White Circus headquarters is located beneath Chevalier.


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A highly populated English City located at the lower East of Alder, also known as the Home of the Guilds. Beckinghamshire consists of every Guild headquarters that exists in the many nations.


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The Third District[]

The Irish Settlement[]

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Located on the third level near the center of the Cyma.

Gambino Ports)[]

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Located South of the Irish Settlement,

The Fourth District[]

The Blackshear Underground Tunnels[]

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Located in the Desolate valley but still within the Grand Cyma, which is on the fourth level, the ground below sea level.


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Located near the Desolate valley but still within the Grand Cyma, which is on the fourth level, the ground below sea level. While the Blackshear Tunnel is in the Desolate Valley, Scarborough is a small settlement by the valley. Scarborough is mostly populated with gypsies of various dying races. Scarborough is Grace's birthplace in the future.

Outside of the Grand Cyma[]

The Desolate Plains[]

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After the chaos created by the Men of Eden occurred in the year XX909, every part of the world lost life and had sunken below sea level, becoming the Land of the Savages. Although there are still different civilizations living in these parts, those living within the Grand Cyma consider these civilizations to be savages.

The Northern Border[]

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Located Far North of the Grand Cyma.