Sophiria Silverciel

Vital statistics
Character name Sophiria Silverciel (nee Bouvier)
Birthplace Chevalier
Place of Origin Chevalier
Birthdate Febuary 29, XX890
Age 38 (beginning), 42 (end)
Height & Weight 5'8", 55 kg
Race/Species French


Gender Female
Hair Color Honey Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Weapon None
Main Element None
Occupation Exiled Queen

Children of EDEN, ADAM Core, The McAlastar Crime FamilyThe Northern Rangers, The Silverciel Family

Clan Silverciel, Bouvier
Rank Queen
Position Support Character
Personal Status

Levi Silverciel (Husband), Claire Silverciel (surrgotted son), Gabriel (stillborn son), Landen and Lucille (Grandchildren)Angela Bouvier (future daughter-in-law), Eve Steinway



Like Angela, a Bouvier, she has Blonde hair, small blue eyes, round head/sharp jaw, and pale skin. In her younger days, she was often deemed unattractive due to her round head, large forehead, small thin eyebrows, and ugly hair. However, in her later years, she becomes more and more beautiful. Throughout her life, she sports the same hairband braid, but later she has the braid twisted into a complicated bun.


Strength and Abilities


Levi Pierre Silverciel

They first meet when Sophiria was following Train Steinway, her fiance, around the city. They start off poorly, as Sophiria's uptight personality greatly clashed with Levi's playboy personality. As he is her senior, she shows him respect regardless of his personality.Levi began to fancy Sophiria despite her sour personality, as he sees her genuine honesty and pure heart. After Sophiria and Train break their engagement, Levi takes the opportunity to court her. The two wed later on, but trouble in their marriage occurs when Sophiria is unable to bear him any children. After her final pregnancy ended with a stillborn child (Gabriel), Sophiria attempts to take her own life, only to be saved by Levi, who professed his unconditional love for her despite the lack of children. Although Sophiria is still bitter and scarred over her lack of fertility, their marriage remains strong in the years after.



  • She was initially betrothed to Train Steinway, but they instead became good friends. Eventually she was introduced to Levi Silverciel.
  • Initially, she and Levi were constantly bantering due to their differing views of Train's lifestyle. Levi fell in love with her after Sophiria encouraged him to take back the throne. They married in XX892, the year Train and Vergil conceived Eric Waters. They struggled to have children for the next several years.
  • All of Sophiria's 10 children were miscarried except for Gabriel, who was a stillborn. Claire was biologically the son of Levi and Sophiria, but was born through a surrgote. He was not approved as an official heir to the Silverciel family because of it.
  • She nearly commited suicide by jumping from the Northern mountains after giving birth to the stillborn Gabriel, but was stopped by Levi.
  • She is especially fond of Eve and Grace (as well as Angela who reminds her of her old self). She sees both Train and Vergil in Eve.
  • Although she and Angela have the same family name, they are not related by blood.
  • She used to be very similar to Angela when she was younger; unfeminine, foul-mouthed, unattractive, and deemed unlikeable by many. Many questioned the reason why Levi, who was a popular and handsome stud, would ever consider marrying her.
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