ADAM: Heart of Blood Wiki

The Daily Arc (January XX915- November XX915)[]

This arc is the beginning of the story, where Grace meets Eve (Dusk then), Raf, Felix, and the people at the Irish Settlement. The arc ranges from their first meeting, to their travels, their different jobs, Grace's internal struggles, all the way to the point where they leave for their month long jobs which is about less than a year later.

We meet other characters in different settings, such as king Admiral Steinway in Alder, or Eric Waters in Chevalier.

The White Circus (November XX915- June XX916)[]

This arc begins after Grace and Raf separate from Dusk and Felix for their different jobs. Grace and Raf go to Beckinghamshire for a bodyguard job while the other two go to different maintenance stations around the Grand Cyma. From there, they run into much trouble when they discover the person they're guarding is a Campbell, the King's future son-in-law at that,and when they come into contact with Lillie Ann Steinway, the princess. They then encounter the White Circus, a rebel group consisting of Vicisses from the EVE PROJECT. Gradually, they become more and more of a threat, as they begin to discover Raphael's and Felix's secret. The party runs into the White Circus again in Chevalier, but this time, with the knowledge that Raphael and Felix are hiding the Forbidden fruit from everyone. They capture Grace, threatening to torture her if they refuse to speak. After a series of battling, they manage to capture and imprison Felix, Dusk, and Lillie. The White Circus begin to realize something strange about Grace and her origins. They then learn that Grace is from a desolate future and that she had connections to ADAM, but because she refuses to speak further, the White Circus decides to head towards the Great City to seek the help of a great Seer, Grand Maester Hadrian Borin, who has been deemed the wisest being in all of the Great Cyma. They intend to get all possible information from Grace before disposing of her. However, things become problematic when they discover that Uriel Blackshear got to him first. As The White Circus deal with Uriel, Raphael and Oz rescue Grace and run into Eric Waters and Serena Song, and are forced to battle with them. Meanwhile, as Drew and Clyde watch over their prisoners, Gabriel, Angela, and Liam Rei battle against Uriel Blackshear nearby. With Uriel easily defeating Angela and Rei, Gabriel is left to fend for them. Despite their even status, Uriel begins to manipulate him, making him fall further into madness. He is stopped when Dusk accidentally crashes into Gabriel after running to escape from Drew and Clyde. Completely oblivious of the situation, Felix attempts to rescue her from the middle of the battle, but Uriel takes her into his hands and announces that he has found the Forbidden fruit. Everyone becomes confused by the turn of events except for Felix, who attempts to attack Uriel and take back Dusk. Uriel removes Dusk's hat and goggles and reveals Dusk to be Evelyn Rose Steinway. Uriel then attempts to take the Forbidden Fruit out of Dusk's chest, but a force prevents him from doing so. The king's troops then arrive, and Uriel is forced to flee while Drew and Clyde proceed to recapture the party. The White Circus, shaken by this revelation, abort their mission once again and bring Dusk to Eric, who is unable to fathom this turn of events. The White Circus and the party once again battle each other, with the party coming out victorious due to the Circus's unstable state. The Grand Maester then interrupts the final moments of their battle, citing that the party is to return to the Irish settlement and that he will personally deal and punish the Circus for their crude actions himself.

The Crisis (June XX916- October XX917)[]

With the White Circus now hiding in Chevalier, the party finally returns to the Irish Settlement, but by the time they arrive, they find everything in ruins. While they were gone, the King ordered for an Irish Genocide, stating they were the ills of society, and thus many of the townsfolk were either killed or in hiding. They discover that many of their friends, including Marie and Edmund, have taken refuge under the protection of the Silverciels, who are currently North of the Grand Cyma. Much of the black forest was burnt down, and an additional new fortress is being built there under the orders of the Men of Eden. The party eventually runs into the Northern rangers, who capture them and bring them to their temporary quarters just outside of the Grand Cyma. The party is caught in the middle of a strife between the Northerners and the King's men. The king then send troops to the North where they continue to massacre Innocent Irish civilians. Edmund sends them a letter, ordering Raphael to seek help from the Castillos.

The party leaves the Northerners temporary corridor amidst the chaos with the help of Helina who is also a Viciss. In Monticello, the recent killings of Viciss lead them to run into the king's guard as well as the creature causing these killings. Lillie is taken by the guards while Dusk is rescued by the White Circus, who intend to keep her. While Raphael, Grace, Felix, and Oz travel back to Chevalier to take Dusk back, Dusk, although wary at first, begins to connect with Eric, and spends much of her time with Clyde, Drew, and Gabriel, who drag her along on their own missions concerning the Viciss killings that were happening around the area.

Meanwhile, with Eve and Lillie no longer in the party, Raphael, Grace, Felix, and Oz, who are all traveling to Chevalier to take Eve back, run into Morgan and his men. Grace accidentally reveals their knowledge of EVE to him and they are captured by the monster that kills Viciss, which was under Morgan's control.

The party is taken to the king, and the king immediately recognizes Felix as someone he once knew. He orders to have them imprisoned, but Lillie later frees them in secret. She tells them that she must stay, or else something bad will happen. From there they finally arrived in Chevalier where they demand that the White Circus return Eve. The White Circus ignore their demand but allow the party into their compound in order to avoid the king. Eric and Felix formulate strategies and plans together when the Northerners arrive to collect the party once again, stating that Edmund and Marie were captured by the King. Initially wanting to go and rescue them, the Northerners convince the party to go North first, as staying in the Grand Cyma was no longer safe, especially with The Kingdom knowing of Eve's existence. Traveling to the Northern Mountains and crossing the harsh terrain in the deadly cold, the Northerners tie the party by their wrists to keep them from escaping, as well as to keep viewers from becoming suspicious.

Arriving in the Northern Stronghold hidden in the mountains, they meet the Silverciels, the legendary royal family who were described in the myths. They welcome the party and keep them safe within the stronghold. Levi Silverciel, who is the currently the rightful king of Alder, treats them as allies and friends. They then meet Adrian Claire Silverciel, who appeared to be an older version of Gabriel. They then learn of Gabriel's origins and his position as the crown prince. Claire was the surggoted son of Levi and his wife Sophiria, while Gabriel their only son, was a stillborn.

They get word from a northerner that the King has departed from the kingdom temporarily, and so Levi gives them permission to return to the Grand Cyma to rescue them.

The Blackshear (October XX917- February XX918)[]

On their way back to the Grand Cyma with Adrian Claire Silverciel, Luca Blotsky, Nikolai Kautsky, and Oric Kramer as their escorts, they are found by the Castillos, who warn them of Uriel Blackshear. Anabel and Micol Castillo take them to the White Circus. The White Circus discusses their plans to raid the Alder castle to steal the locket, agreeing to allow the party to accompany them in order to rescue Marie and Edmund.

Upon entering the Castle and splitting from the White Circus, the party run into Lillie once again and promise to rescue her along with the other two. Just as they find Marie and Edmund, they run into Leblanc. He makes small talk, agreeing to let them go if they answer his questions. After escaping from the castle, the Northerners escort Marie, Edmund, and Lillie out of the Grand Cyma and to the north. Just as the party prepares to depart after them, they find the white Circus again, but this time facing off with Uriel Blackshear and Durant Russell, the human Vicissitude. Serena had been gravely injured, so Eric was forced to retreat with her while the others dealt with them. Uriel was carrying a chest that contained what appeared to be the locket (when in reality it wasn't since Dusk had the locket). After another series of battles against Uriel and Russell, Uriel stabs Gabriel, and just before claiming the chest, Eve and Grace aquire both Gabriel and the chest. They, the rest of the party, and the White Circus retreat with Uriel pursuing them. Grace, Eve, Gabriel, and the chest became separated from everyone after Uriel breaks the ground they stood on.