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House of Steinway


For centuries, the Irish-Scottish folk have been looked down upon as they were often graced with poverty and death. The family was infamously born from poverty and crime, where they took their place in a higher place through criminal activity. Despite their upbring, they eventually gained favor from the royal family, and became important allies. Before the outbreak of the Great War, the heads of each of their families had promised each other their kin as an eternal covenant.

When the Royal Family fell from power, the first family that the Kaisers attempted to exterminate were the McAlastars, due to a century-old rivalry for the royal family's favor. The McAlastars were exiled from the First and Second Districts, which eventually led to the creation of the Irish Settlement, as well as their famous communication network.

Physical Description[]

The McAlastars are best known for their fiery red hair, pale-pink skin, blue-green eyes, and freckles. As they are mostly made up of Irish folk, Scottish folk, and Scot-Irish folk, they all have the distinct Scot-Irish features. They are also greatly ridiculed for their appearance, as their unusual red hair has been associated with intense sexuality, which tends to be highly controversial in a conservative society. Irish women are often and commonly considered "whores" and lustful despite being pure.

The McAlastars are symbolized by hawks; The hawk is noted for its swiftness, its craftiness, its powerful grip in flight and its excellent vision. To have 'eyes like a hawk' is a well known saying used to describe someone who has the ability to observe everything carefully, noticing even the smallest detail. As a totem bird the hawk bestows the gift of far-seeing, or clairvoyance. The McAlastars are well known for using hawks, falcons, etc in their famously extensive communication network. The McAlastars are especially well-known for their "hawk-eye" vision, which aids them in their ability to use firearm with profound excellence.


The Silverciel Family (debatable, as the scandalous marriage between a McAlastar and Steinway may have created a rift)

The Castillo Crime Family

The White Circus (association through Eric Waters)

Train Steinway


The Men of Eden

The Kaiser Family

The Campbell Family

The Steinway Family

Family Location[]

Many important McAlastars once lived among the royalty in Alder due to good relations, however, after the fall of the Silverciel family, the McAlastars were either exterminated or exiled to the third and fourth district. Most McAlastars are scattered among the second, third, and fourth district, with a few disguised as servants in the first district. They are known to roam the tunnels of the fourth district, the alleyways of the great cities in the second and third district, but permanently reside in the Irish Settlement.


The McAlastar flag, despite being a crime family, is similar to the royal family's due to their friendly relations. It is said that the royal family had their flag designer design the McAlastar flag as well.