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House of Silverciel Crest


For centuries before civilization was organized, the creator made the Silverciels royalty by pouring the silver tears of the Grand Elder Dragon, Lord Alder, into their blood. From then on, the Lord Alder granted the Silverciels power over all the nations, where no one was able to oppose them.

War broke out when the Kaisers betrayed, and overthrew the Silverciel family in xx830. Many families and nobles remained loyal to the Steinway family, but their loyalties were forced to shift to the Kaisers for two reasons; the Kaisers ruled through fear, and the exile of the Silverciels led to their sudden disappearance. Eventually, the following years, their sudden disappearance led many to believe that they were a mere figment of fantasy, and eventually became a part of folklore among the people. Little did the people of the Grand Cyma know that the Silverciels had moved to the Northern borders among the Russians. Often times, the Silverciels obscured themselves from the possibility of attention, allowing them to live normal lives in the Grand Cyma, even in the higher districts.

Physical Description[]

Pure-Blooded members of the Silverciel family are distinctly identifies by their radiant green eyes, pale-white complexion, and grey-brown hair (which may vary in shades). Even through their presence, one can tell they are royalty as they stand in a majestic aura. The air they breathe had been described as "heaven's breeze". Their majestic aura is often described as sensual, and almost suggestive, which is why the royal family has always been known for their erotic nature.

The family symbol is of a dragon, the elder dragon Alder. Dragons are symbols meaning future growth and expansion. The dragon is most useful in connection with fame, reputation, and royalty. They can alternately breathe fire, poison or ice. These abilities demonstrate that they are both creators and destroyers. Fire gives life (and sometimes death); ice and poison mete out death. Early muskets were named “dragons” due to their fire-spitting ability. Likewise, muskets can serve either to procure food and preserve life or to dole out death in battle. Dragons in the Orient are associated with wisdom and longevity. They usually possess some form of magic or supernatural power. The Silverciels, despite being human, have been said to be "kissed" by the fire of Lord Alder. They all possess a supernatural existence, and are said in legend to be the kin of Lord Alder themselves. They are greatly associated with the elements, particularly fire, and had once rode on the backs of dragons before they eventually gone extinct.

Current Allies/Enemies[]


The Blackshear Crime Family (Gained after their fall)

The McAlastar Crime Family (debatable, as the scandalous marriage between a McAlastar and Steinway may have created a rift)

The White Circus (Association with Gabriel

Northern Rangers (gained after their fall)

The Castillo Crime Family (gained after their fall)

Uriel Blackshear (debatable, as Uriel's motive is to gain Gabriel as an ally)

Train Steinway


The Men of Eden

The Kaiser Family

The Campbell Family

The Steinway Family

Family Location[]

Since the very beginning of their reign, the Silverciel family resided within the Alder castle, with the addition of the Silverciel residence for members who were not pure-blooded. However, after their fall, they were exiled to the Northern Border. The Alder castle was taken by the Kaisers (later abandoned when the Kaisers fell, and then taken by the Men of Eden), The Silverciel residence has become a tourist attraction for people of the second district. All other extended family members have become scattered.