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House Steinway


The Steinway family is one of the oldest families, yet also the weakest due to their good nature. They have been considered a "subfamily" of the Kaisers.They were only recongnized when the ADAM Core chose them as his gate keepers in xx865. Things remained peaceful, except for a rift between the Steinways and Silverciels, due to the fact that the Silverciels were the rightful rulers of the nations.

Troubles arised when Train Steinway, the Vessel of the Steinways, became infatuated with a McAlastar, a crime family. Their infatuation became love, and eventually they gave birth to a bastard child, Eric Waters. This took a toll on the Steinway family's reputation and relationship with the ADAM Core. Things took a turn for the worst when the two created a scandal by eloping, marrying, and giving birth to a second child, Eve Steinway. Because of this, they destroyed the contract between the ADAM Core and the Steinway family, which required for the Vessel to be pure and free of obligation. To create a new contract, Train offered ADAM his daughter in retribution. The Steinway family was no longer the gate keeper, as Eve has become the true gateway. Due to this, the Steinway family fell from power until The Men of Eden offered to save it if Admiral Steinway, Train's elder brother, could bring Eve to them. From then, the Steinway family, now corrupted with lies, had become the rulers of the Grand Cyma.

Physical Description[]

Only a few Pure-Blooded members of the Steinway family have the purple eye trait. It has mostly been passed down to Vessels, but even non-Vessel Steinways can have them. Despite the fact that Germans are well known for their blond hair and blue eyes (much like the Kaiser family), most Steinways are identified with dark hair, brilliantly unique purple eyes, and a pale complexion.

The family is symbolized by wolves. The wolf is regarded as one of the most powerful spirit guides of all, and its presence is a message of guidance. In some ancient civilizations the Wolf was a symbol of the underworld. The Wolf’s quality made it associated to a guardian and therefore the protector of souls that entered the underworld. The wolves are known for their loyalty, leadership, and protective nature. The Steinways have been known for riding giant dire wolves into battle during the Great War, however, their tender nature eventually lost touch with the wolve's fierce nature, and instead, the Steinway now harbor only domesticated wolves within their households.

Current Allies/Enemies[]


The Men of Eden[]

The Kaiser Family

The Campbell Family


The Blackshear Crime Family

The McAlastar Crime Family 

The White Circus

Uriel Blackshear (debatable, as Uriel's motives are unknown)

Family Location[]

Since the very beginning of their existence, they have always remained in the seclusion of the Steinway residence of the First District, which was deep in the snowy forests. They remained in the Steinway residence during their reign as gate keepers due to the gate being within the Steinway manor. After the family gained the throne through Admiral Steinway, they moved into the Alder castle along side the Men of Eden. The Steinways who opposed the current rule left the manor and moved into Monticello. After the manor became abandoned, people claimed that the nights had become haunted with the laughter of Vicissitude Souls, which had slipped out from the gate. Because the ominous aura that the manor now exerts, Admiral Steinway built a new manor several acres away from the old Steinway manor, and has guards surrounding the old manor to keep people from entering the haunted domain.


The Steinway flag is the most plain and unique. While all the other family's flags are embellished with fancy designs and embroidery, the unique design demonstrates how the family was founded on humble origins.