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Train Steinway
Vital statistics
Character name Train Steinway
Birthplace Steinway Manor
Place of Origin Steinway Residence
Birthdate December 29, XX877
Age 38 (beginning), 42 (end) (Currently missing)
Height & Weight 6'2", 70 kg
Race/Species German


Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown, Black
Eye Color Purple
Weapon Sword
Main Type None
Occupation Ex-Vessel, Ex-Steinway Head, Rogue
Affiliation ADAM Core, The Steinway Family, The McAlastar Crime Family
Clan Steinway Family, McAlastar Family
Rank No Rank
Position Support Character
Personal Status

Vergil Steinway (wife), Eric Waters (eldest son)Eve Steinway (daughter), Admiral Steinway  (brother), Lillie Steinway (niece),Kaiser (Grand Uncle)Serena Song (Daughter-in-law), Landen/Lucille(possible grandchildren).


Train Steinway was the second son of Lord Steinway, the older son being Admiral. Train became the Vessel at age 4, when ADAM rejected Admiral as the Vessel. He grew up in seclusion, but eventually attended an All-boy's school in Chevalier. There, he befriended his senior, a Northerner named Levi Silverciel, who introduced him to the life of the Grand Cyma outside of the Steinway residence.

When Train was 13, he was betrothed to Sophiria Bouvier, the daughter of a great noble. She befriended Train, but they did not share mutual romantic feelings for one another. Rather, she instead watched out for him and attempted to stop him from getting in trouble with Levi.

At the age of 14, Levi invited both Train and Sophiria to party with him at an Irish festival that was being held in Beckinghamshire. They went along, and a beautiful Irish dancer caught Train's eyes. He followed her to her tent, where things let to another, and they became familiar with each other. The girl's name was Vergil, whom he did not know as a McAlastar, a girl from a dangerous crime family. They continued to meet for several weeks until Levi caught them. There, Train finds out that Vergil and Levi were betrothed to be married in the following Spring, much to his despair. Levi understood this and broke the engagement, encouraging the two to run away from their families and elope. He and Vergil did not have the courage to do so. Eventually, in the summer of his 16th birthday, Vergil conceived his child by mistake, and their families immediately discovered their relationship. The Steinways forbid that Vergil ever came near Train, and had him put in seclusion.

Both Levi and Sophiria (who married each other several months earlier) assisted him in escaping. They brought him to Port Gambino where Vergil was waiting, and they officially eloped. The two lived happily for eight years, with their son Erik Steinway (named Eric Waters by the Steinway family). In XX899, they conceived another child, a girl they named Evelyn Rose Steinway. Upon hearing of this from ADAM, the Steinway family demanded that Train returned. They had discovered ADAM's news of severing the connection with humans. Train was forced to return, but could not leave Vergil, Evelyn, and Erik, so once again with the help of Levi and Sophiria, Train returned secretly with his family, without any of the Steinways knowing. There, the Steinways set off on a manhunt to find Train and Vergil up until Eve's birth, where Train and ADAM formed a new agreement. He was forced to put the forbidden fruit into his daughter and give her up to ADAM as retribution for his sins.

After his encounter with ADAM, he was forced to part with his family. He sent Vergil and his children to the outskirts of the Black Forest, where they lived in seclusion, while he was eventually captured and exiled from the Grand Cyma.

For years he roamed the Desolate Plains, trying to get into contact with his family. In the year XX903, he came across a McAlastar named Edmund Mulligen, who was coming up from the North on a delivery job. With Edmund's connections with the intelligence network of the McAlastars, Train finally came into contact with his son Eric after three years. He discovers that Eve was taken by the newly formed Men of Eden, and that Vergil was taken up as a prisoner, and later died of torture.

For years he lived aimlessly, only hearing from Eric once in a while through his trustworthy servant who had infiltrated the Eden Facility.

After the fall of the EVE Project, Eric had come into contact with Edmund Mulligen once again, seeking help from his father. Train responded immediately, agreeing to take in one of Eric's close friends as a pupil. The boy's name was Gabriel. Initially, he and Gabriel could not get along due to his rebellious nature and psychotic mentality. However, he soon realized that he was a Silverciel child. It did not take him long to realize that this was Levi and Sophiria's stillborn child that was taken by the Men of Eden. Train then trained and raised Gabriel for the following years until Gabriel left with Eric after getting into a spat with Train.


He has short dark brown hair that is parted to the right, similar to Eve's hair style. Like other Steinways, he has pale skin and bright purple eyes. He usually dresses in dark colors.

As a youth, he was sickly, scrawny, and weak, unlike his twin brother, who was athletic and strong. He was very feminine in appearance, which caused his overbearing father to send him to boarding school in hopes that he would grow to be more manly. Growing up, he became more handsome with average height and more muscular, but still relatively thin.

In later years and through his depression, he has become exceptionally thin, but still retains his muscular appearance. He still appears the same as he once did. He no longer is ever seen with a smile.


Strength and Abilities[]


Vergil Steinway /Eric Waters /Evelyn Rose Steinway[]

Vergil McAlastar was the love of Train's life. It was because of their love that the catastrophe of the Steinway family occured. After Vergil's death, Train mourned for years and was never able to recover. His only photo of her is the last family photo they took while she was still pregnant with Eve.

Throughout the story, Eric and Train have communicated through the McAlastar Intelligence Network, but have never had the chance to meet in person since they were separated at Eve's birth. Although they love each other dearly, Eric antagonizes his father and sister for being so obedient to ADAM despite all the hardships he had put their family through.

Although Train has known of Eve's existence when Eric kept in contact with him, he was never able to meet her. He only had photos of her sent from Eric. After hearing of her death, he was devastated and was unable to be contacted for several months. Living in the desolate plains for all those years, he had become the leader among a ban of many bandits due to his great swordsmenship. Years later, when Eve had run away from the party, she meets Train for the first time when she was taken in by some bandits. He soon discovers she is his dead daughter, but says nothing, letting her remain oblivious.

The Silverciels[]

Despite the tension between the Silverciels and the Steinways, Train is extremely close to Levi and Sophiria Silverciel. They had been good friends since adolescent years. They had remained in contact for many years despite Train's exile.

Admiral Steinway /The Steinway Family[]

Admiral and Train initially had a good relationship, being twin brothers (Admiral being the older). When the Steinway family chose Admiral as the next Vessel, ADAM changed the Vessel to Train, citing that Admiral was not worthy. This caused strain between the two brothers, where Admiral felt neglected and cheated of his position as the head of the Steinway family.

Felix Zhu[]

Felix is Train's servant boy who was killed when the Steinway family came after Train and his family during Eve's birth. In order to bring Felix back to life, he slipped a Vicissitude Soul into his body and sent him to the Eden Facility as a double agent, where he could spy on the Men of Eden and take care of Eve through him. Felix is especially loyal to Train because he was the only one to treat him like a human.

The McAlastars[]


The two have a master-pupil relationship. After the Fall of the EVE Project, Eric sends Gabriel, who was filled with madness, to Train in hopes that he would be able to help him. They start off rough, where Train is unable to deal with Gabriel's rebellious personality. However, as Train was able to deal with Levi, he was also able to deal with Gabriel. They have a mutual respect for one another despite Gabriel antagonizing Train, and Train scolding Gabriel.