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Uriel Blackshear
Vital statistics
Character name "Uriel" Blackshear

Blackshear Underground Tunnels, reborn inThe EDEN Facility

Place of Origin The EDEN Facility
Birthdate Febuary 29, XX877
Age 30 (beginning), 34 (end)
Height & Weight 6'4", 80 kg
Race/Species Filipino

Human body, Viciss

Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Weapon Nuclear Artillery
Main Type Demon type
Occupation Head of Blackshear Crime Family
Affiliation Children of EDEN , ADAM Core , The Freelancer

Guild, The Steinway Family, The McAlastar Crime Family

Clan None
Rank Boss
Position Main Antagonist
Personal Status
Relatives Grace Blackshear (Daughter)


Uriel, along with Clyde was the oldest member of the Children of Eden, meeting Eve at the age of 18. His past is unknown except that he originated from the Blackshear tunnels (thus his surname). Just like Gabriel, he also has psychopathic tendencies, but unlike Gabriel, his good nature does not clash with his evil side, therefore he is not tormented for the evils he commits, nor does he feel the pain of it.


Uriel has pitch black wavy hair and blood red eyes. He has distinct eyebrows, where they naturally are cut off in three pieces. His skin tone is tanner than others due to his nationality. His build is muscular and he stands as one of the tallest characters in the series.


As previously mentioned, his personality is similar to Gabriel, particularly due to their same demon type. Because of it, he uses this as an opportunity to manipulate Gabriel's emotions specifically. He has been known for his cruelty, lack of mercy, and his manipulating persona. No one knows his real motives, as he does not care for the riches of the world, or to gain power over the world. Instead, his main objective is to destroy all humans and create a world where vicissitudes fight to destroy each other.

Like Gabriel, he was also once gentle when he was in the facility, but after discovering the truth, he took it the hardest.

Strength and Abilities[]

He is overall the most powerful Viciss ever created. Although he is not as physically strong as Clyde, or as intelligent as Raphael, or as fast as Gabriel, he is equally above average on all stats, and therefore is the most capable in all aspects. He is also one of the strongest in his Vicissitude format, second to Gabriel.




He is the first character who is able to identify Dusk as Eve despite her disguise as a boy. He was able to tell immediately with just a single glance.