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Levels of Madness[]

The Four types of Vicissitudes[]


Ogres are the most common types. They are also the least "intelligent" when in their Ogre forms. They lack control and only know how to create physical damage. They are large and monsterous humanoids that will crush anything in their path, which is why they are the the third most dangerous, as they are difficult to control. Often mistaken for giants, trolls, and cyclopes.

Known Viciss Ogre types are Raphael, Clyde, Nikolai and Micol.[]


Buccas (aka Fairy creatures) are the second most common types. In comparison to all the other types, they are the most gentle and less easily provoked. However, when provoked, they are capable of absorbing all life-forms in proximity to them, which increases their own strength. Because of this ability, the Bucca type tends to be the most troublesome, as it is difficult to stop them without getting near them. Altough they physically look human, they are known to have distinctively colorful features, extra appendages such as tails and wings. Often mistakened for fairies, nymphs, imps, pixies, sprites, etc.

Known Viciss Bucca types are Anabel, Angela, Luka, and Rei.


Beasts are less common then the first two types. They have strong sensing abilities which allows them to have the ability to reason. They tend to be equally as ferocious as Ogres, but much more intelligent. Despite their ferocious nature, they are considered the least dangerous, as they are the easiest to control. They are often compared to animals, as each Vicissitude takes on forms related to wolves, felines, bears, or other furry creatures.

Known Viciss beast types are Serena (identified feline), Grace (Identified Lupin), Drew, and Felix.

Demons []

Demon types are considered the rarest type, as only 2% of the vicissitudes have Demon types. They are not only the most intelligent, but also the most dangerous because of it. They are often seen as the most ruthless creatures, for despite their intellect, they lack all empathy and will mercilessly kill prey. They are impossible to control without the interference of the Vessel's blood (which they obsessively seek). The only thing that makes Demon Vicissitudes differ from Demon Vicisses, is that the Vicissitude do not carry any human qualities, such as the ability to speak (same goes for all Vicissitudes). Demon Vicissitudes are often mistaken for creatures like vampires, incubus/succubus, devils, elves, etc. due to their human appearance (which also leads them to also disguise themselves as humans).

Under Uriel's control, the Demon Vicissitudes had been trained to be the leader in Vicissitude armies.

Known Viciss demon types are Uriel, Gabriel, and Helina.

Abilities, Strength, and Physical Appearances[]